REACT… To author Elizabeth Gilbert’s book giveaway

People, guess what crazy thing I did this week…
I participated in a book giveaway. I’ve done this several times before, in fact, every time there’s a book giveaway I go for it, with the high prices of books these days, who knows I just might be the lucky one again. Yes, I’ve won a book once, it was a wonderful surprise though the book wasn’t exactly the type of reading I like, it was still lots of fun…
Hey, now that I think about it… back in second grade, in my catholic elementary school, my sister-friend and I won books because we were the best readers that school year, woohoo!!
Anyway, back to this week…
I’m sure you know this author, Elizabeth Gilbert, she’s written several books but, I think her best know is Eat, Love, Pray… oh, the book is infinitely better than the movie… IN.FI.NI.TE.LY.
I love her writing voice or was it that it was a memoir and that is one of my favorite genres. A memoir by a woman close to my age. Very cool!!
So, I am a fan of her work and in a couple of months her new book is coming out and she has been holding these giveaways… I didn’t hear about the first one so when this one came up I couldn’t pass it up, plus the question we had to answer was just the thing i like to ponder on:


here’s the text from the email she sent out…

Since “The Signature of All Things” is entirely about one woman’s passion (for botanical exploration, in Alma’s case), passion has been much on my mind lately. My defining passion, of course, is writing. Also, melted cheese. I would so enjoy hearing all about yours…So here’s what you do! Just click this tab and answer the question, and if I love your answer most, I’ll contact you personally, and send you the book!

OK, see why I could not pass it up…

And here’s what I wrote:

Ever since I had my first child strange things started to happen to me and my surroundings including the people around me, or so I thought. My head was overtaken by WHY and had no way of getting to the BECAUSE of things…It stayed that way all through my second pregnancy and up to my 40th birthday, that’s an almost 10 year span of my life…A few months before my 40th bday I started to write a blog just to free up some valueble space in my fleeting brain capacity and I realized that by writing I found answers in my words…so I kept writing and started to read more, then to listen… everything slowly took me to my passion which is UNDERSTANDING. Though understanding is not the same as having answers, but it does give my mind and soul some peace. Now I understand a bit better why I have memory lapses, why my skin, hair and other unmentionable areas are drying up; why my husband and I talk but don’t communicate at times or when my highschool students don’t appreciate my efforts, I understand and not take it personally, they are also going through huge stuff… and many other things… I don’t need cold, hard facts to get me from point A to point B, I just need to UNDERSTAND that I might not need to get to point B at this time… thanks for this chance to participate and moreover to ponder on this, big hug…all the luck on your next launch, Alexandra btw, love the cover!!

Oh, I do hope I made sense!!

Studying has let me learn and learning has taken me to the ultimate objective that is UNDERSTANDING…

So, wish me luck, jajajaaa, could lightning strike twice? we’ll see 🙂

Have you participated in raffles and giveaways like this?

enjoy the tune

2 responses to “REACT… To author Elizabeth Gilbert’s book giveaway

  1. thanks Stu! 🙂 quoting Carl Jung, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” …and Khalil Gibran,”Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” Been there and there too! big hug my friend

  2. You posted an excellent message Alexandra. I totally get you passion to understand. 🙂

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