THINK… about our last resource

They say that what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over

I avoid watching the news, and have stopped listening to it as well…

I wish I could live an uninformed life… however, that would be irresponsible of me


I can’t stand any more rhetoric and demagogy…

this is all about money and power and egocentric, self-serving public figures

I wish I had faith in those guiding our countries but I don’t and I am noticing that it is our cultural and ideological inheritance

an inheritance that I am fighting against in, what feel like baby steps, through my children’s upbringing

Though, there are days when the sadness and desillusion are too much; when I can’t talk about the bad in a positive tone; when the bad is just that, BAD, and I won’t waste my energy in seeing the brighter side of things


I am grieving for all the lives that have been abruptly ended and all those who are physically and emotionally dying slowly from the poison, that is the lust for power, which is being fed to us by our leaders

I have no words to explain the absurdities, much less to offer a solution

I declare myself incompetent in this challenge…

I will not live in emotional pain because of this…

I will stop trying to comprehend the incomprehensible

maybe, what seems to be the most passive of reactions could be the most reasonable strategy,

prayerhugs & peace be with you,

“Never forget the three powerful resources

you always have available to you:

love, prayer, and forgiveness.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

pairing and image by me, quote via

8 responses to “THINK… about our last resource

  1. Something really special happened to this post…It started out quite somber, Sounding much like a tantrum, an adult tantrum angry at how things went sour… I saw no end to it and I ran out of time to finish it up and post, so I saved it as a draft to finish after my classes were over. During that time I kept going over it, feeling angry and depressed, desillusioned and disappointed… And came to the conclusion that all this crap was not in my hands to be solved but there was something I could help with, in fact, that was/is the only useful thing I can do: pray! and leave all this craziness in God’s hands, it is beyond me/us, today, our lives and those of our loved ones, those are the things we should focus on and be thankful for… Big hug my dear friend

  2. Nicely said. I love the Gandhi quote. I’m not sure I’ve read it before. It’s worth remembering. Thank you for sharing it!
    For many of us in the United States yesterday 9/11 was a day of remembrance. I choose to focus on all the people who rose up to help others after that terrible event. And I agree we can not stay focused on the griefs of the past or even the present, for we will never find joy in life that I believe God intended for us to experience. Karen

  3. You are so right Stu! (Thanks Viktor Frankl) we have a choice, we can either be consumed in the same negative feelings that are fueling all that’s happening or set ouselves apart by cultivating the good in ourselves and others… Btw, let my hair down this weekend, left the children with my mum, hubby and I went to watch a baseball game in the USA (San Diego, California) huge hug my friend

  4. I would add a 4th Alexandra – choice. We all choose how we want to see and react to the world. Let’s choose in favour of the first 3. 🙂

  5. Thanks my dear friend! I am truly at a loss for words now, with everything that’s happening around the world and in my country… the most helpful thing we can do is pray in absolute faith in hopes of peace, justice, intelligent decisions… etc. big hug my friend

  6. Oh how beautiful!
    When things get beyond us, we reach beyond.
    Our help will surely come, we’ve just got to believe.
    Love, prayer and forgiveness are really the greatest assets we have, at a time like this.
    Lovely post, Alexandra!

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