REACT… to September’s Virtual Conferences

From all the crazy that comes out when I write you’d never imagine that I do listen attentively, take notes of these conferences and practice what I learn (except in my last post and an upcoming one…)


anyway… don’t mind me and my seemingly lack of practice what I preach… this is for you

September will be jam-packed with free virtual conferences from en*theos

for starters…OPTIMAL LIVING 101 from Sept. 11 through Feb. 5 presented in weekly 30 minute droplets of wisdom… SIGNED UP!!!

I follow Brian Johnson’s A Philosopher Notes… if you have the time and space in your email inbox, sign up for those… they are to-the-point bits of everyday, feel good wisdom…

optimal living

click the image to go to the sign up page

or click on this link…

While Optimal Living’s weekly chats are happening, The Science of Thriving at Work and in Life will be streaming their daily conferences from Sept. 16 through the 20th; sign up to take a look at the schedule…SIGNED UP!!

Look at that title… She had me at THRIVING…wow!!!

science of thriving

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or click here

up next is The Shero’s School for Revolutionaries, streaming from Sept. 23 to 27… can she really show me how to become a Revolutionary of our times? SIGNED UP!!


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or click here

and lastly, for now… Rick Hanson and his conference, which btw is also the title of his new book, Hardwiring Happiness: The 7 Essential Strengths…

I just finished enjoying (several times over) his latest virtual conference series titled The Loving Brain… it was beautiful, poignant, enriching beyond belief AND it is still there, he says it’ll be there forever for us to watch over and over again, we can even download the conferences which I will do, just as backup for those weird moments when you know you heard someone say something really appropriate about life’s dilemmas but just can’t remember WHAT…

Rick Hanson proved to be a great interviewer, absorbing and even aiding the specialist in re-wording into something a bit more digestible for us everyday people, even when he was serious he had this approachable and superbly kind demeanor… SIGNED UP!!!

hardwiring happiness

click here to go to SIGN UP page

or here…

I hope you have been able to take advantage of this as I have…

I’ll keep you posted if anything else comes up

hugs people!!

10 responses to “REACT… to September’s Virtual Conferences

  1. Ooooohhh!!! Old lady Ale, 60 seconds, great advice… I just re-read!! So very cool of him!… What would I tell myself? thinking…Oops, I’ve turned out to be a feisty grandma! jajajaaa (over-active imagination)

  2. Did you know that Brian Johnson graciously allowed me to feature one of his techniques in my book (see 22nd April if you have a copy). 🙂

  3. I look forward to writing them in this life time… I am a terribly busy, sad time-management procrastinator… But I will, it’s good info and I want to share what I learned (or scribbled down on a million post-its) big hug 🙂 aarrgghh my throat 😦

  4. I am constantly amazed by how many resources entheos offers. I hope to carve out some time to follow at least one of these conferences. I look forward to reading your responses/reviews/take aways of them.

  5. Teecee, my dear friend, such a wonderful surprise to find you here… Yes, I am on a quest to understand myself and consequently others! Those a-ha moments when listening to these conferences feel wonderful 🙂 big hug my friend

  6. Hugs to you too, my friend! I see you have a line up of activities, aimed at ensuring that you learn.
    It is beautiful to be deliberate about learning or improving ourselves in one way or the other.
    Keep up with the plan, especially if they make you feel better.
    Welldone, dear.

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