REACT… and sign up for some more FREE CONFERENCES

Hi lovely people! Well, today was my first day back at work with some new students, as well as, some repeats, taking their third and last semester of my Writing Workshop… I was certainly happy to see them and they seemed happy to see me, lots of hugs all around!!

Anyway, last thing last night and first thing this morning I got email updates on two upcoming conferences…

for starters, the continuing en*theos series titled “The Loving Brain” hosted by Rick Hanson, who has a new chat with an expert every Monday, this week’s guest is the wonderful Dr. Sara Gottfried and her Hormone Cure based on The Gottfried Protocol

Dr. Sara G

In this talk you’ll learn about:

  • Why we should care about hormones, especially related to relationships
  • How hormones can affect whether we have a loving brain
  • How a woman’s hormones can affect her mood, energy, patience, and libido
  • How to optimize hormonal balances; mental interventions to produce physiological benefits.

excerpt from email update…

Oh I do so recommend you take an hour to listen to her, with pen in hand and notepad… Her book is already on my Amazon Wishlist…

If you haven’t already signed up for this series, you can do so here The Loving Brain- Tools for Real Issues home page

If you already signed up, then you most probably received the same email I got…so go look for it…though, you don’t need to hurry because Rick Hanson, the host has left these videos open for us to view as long as the series is on not just 24hrs, as other conferences have…

AND… here’s the other FREE course hosted by Megan Flatt

megan flatt

Do you feel like you are always busy, but never get anything done? Do you have a to-do list, but not sure if it is making you more productive or just reminding you of the things you have left to do?

Let Mama Strategist, Megan Flatt, teach you the art of a well crafted to-do list. Join her and other busy moms for a free week-long workshop to make sure your to-do lists are meaningful, efficient and actionable.

quote from course home page where you can sign up

btw, check out her posts on


oooh, ooh, one more…. (almost forgot about this delectable morsel of brain food)

also by en*theos

The Science of Thriving

Don’t tell me the title didn’t catch your attention… so far so good with en*theos… so, if you’re interested, go HERE to sign up… it’s still a month away but they take care of keeping you up to date and informed…

Have I told you when I listen to these conferences? they have become my most valued company while cooking and cleaning the kitchen, I either tune in through my iPad or just plug in some earphones to my iPhone and I am set for some multitasking the nerdy way… I can say, without a doubt that I could happily clean my whole house if the conference line-up keeps me hooked…

Have you listened in on any of the other conferences?

I’ve taken notes…LOTS of notes (I think I kind of promised to write about it…kind of…)

Are you a nerdy multitasker like MOI? or do you sit quietly and take in the info like a civilized person (that I am not)?

Hope to hear from you…


7 responses to “REACT… and sign up for some more FREE CONFERENCES

  1. Oh I miss being in the student seat! I’ve talked about going back to get my masters degree or a second career, I want to go back to school soon 😌 about the conferences, en*theos has put together the best, I think, among all the ones I’ve listened to this Summer, hope you do get a chance!!! And who doesn’t want to master the art of the TO-DO list?! 😊Right?

  2. These all look like great resources. Thanks for sharing and for the “heads-up” on them. I’ll definitely be checking some of them out. I hope that your semester is off to a fantastic start. My first class – back in the student seat – is Friday…feeling pretty giddy about that prospect!

  3. I make lists and then I lose them 😲 so I know I’ve got lots to learn about this ART… So tell me about this split, relevant tasks? … It would be cool to see that her strategy is similar yours!

  4. I’m an avid To Do list maker and recently decided to split it into the relevant tasks instead of having them all on one sheet. So much better now. I wonder if that’s what Megan teaches?? 🙂

  5. Wow, thank you Megan for stopping by!! You hit the nail on the head with that attention grabbing title for your course. I am so looking forward to it, just hope it doesn’t coincide with my work schedule! Will it be like others where it streams 24hrs for free? 😊

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