REACT… to Belinda’s question about COMMENTS


My dilemma in commenting – is that I often sound repetitive and when I see an individual has many followers. I don’t want people to feel obligated to respond when I send a message. So, how do you feel when you receive comments? Do you prefer them or feel overwhelmed? I hope you won’t be shy to say you prefer not to receive them.

In my case, the more the merrier I say.

excerpt from I have a question about comments by busymindthinking

I have avoided talking much about COMMENTS and how I feel about them because, well…

I don’t get many…


I have a few ideas why this happens though I think I will never really know unless I could find a way of asking, first of all, those who only leave a like on a post and then those who by some strange world-wide-web miracle find their way to my blog post…

Of course I would love feedback…

I have considered (after reading posts on attracting comments) the huge possibility that my writing:

a. is not very engaging

b. is not well thought-out

c. is unreadable (which would be the worst with me being a writing teacher to bilingual students)

d. is culturally limited in that my stuff speaks only to me and my fellow mexican women, who, I’ve found, aren’t very much into reading blogs…

e. is not accessible to “the masses”… this is not a coincidence, I do not publish my updates on any social media…

f. is just not writing but plain ranting… which brings me to the exact point of why I had avoided writing about this

I recently gave myself permission to talk in detail about a very emotional process I went through, it was meant to be a one post deal that turned into three… it felt great to write about it, I was sure I had touched on something good with it, something that would benefit others or just make for a good read… I ultimately decided to give it a password protected (p.p.) status, it’s there, but it won’t open by just clicking…

Two things happened for me to change the status from public to p.p. : 3 people, 2 very good friends (Stu and Gina) and a new, wonderful blogger I just encountered via my lovely friend Belinda, Safi from The Bamboo Principle were the only ones who kept the conversation going…

The posts got several likes, jajajaaa but that’s because you fabulous people like me as much as I like you 🙂 (xo)

…and the other thing that made me change the status was that my daughter might read the posts and get her head all in a mess about us, her parents…

Anyway, by not being able to engage others in conversation, the purpose of the post kind of got lost and it went p.p.

I agree, not all posts are made for conversation and discussion, time is soooo valuable and a good comment takes time, though, there are posts that are intended as food for thought and conversation starters… and that’s when comments are the most appreciated

I do have to say that at one moment in my very short blogging stint, my comment section was filled with spam, which I managed to get rid of, jajajaaaaa, I fooled the bot!

So, yeah, COMMENTS are much appreciated over here, maybe in a few years when I learn to write about superbly clever ideas and am getting 1,000 comments per post you can ask me again… jajajaaaaa

this has been an extremely long COMMENT that turned into a blog post opportunity…

btw… I found this quite comforting and. essentially, the best attitude to have…

But I think I’m slowly but surely becoming increasingly comfortable with just getting on with my life. “The big zero” as I like to call it, is no big deal, so long as you are happy with the effort you have put in to the blog. You can’t force anyone to be interested, right?

quote from Being scared of zero comments @ moviesandsongs365

hugs people


11 responses to “REACT… to Belinda’s question about COMMENTS

  1. You are so good at giving encouraging words!!! The people around me do not care for blogs, they find my posts too long, my mom has subscribed but doesn’t have time, my husband doesn’t speak English and does not care for anything that has to do with “talking to the air”, i used to tweet my posts but suddenly my husband’s boss started following me on tweeter so I stopped jejejeeee, we wouldn’t want him to know his right hand is married to “a blogger” ooooohhhh!!!! People around me don’t read…. I sometimes mix in a question…Because I feel silly when I don’t get a response… Stupid excuse,right?! I’ll just go for it and ASK and we’ll see how it goes… Great pointers my dear friend, thank you 🙂

  2. Your blog posts always get my mind going! You speak both as a mom and as a woman with a very real and down-to-earth perspective… I love reading you!!! thanks for pur encouragement, just for your peace of mind, I didn’t take advantage of the Summer and blog as much as I wanted so you’ll find it a quick read… The p.p. posts, if you’d like to read them, tell me and I’ll gladly give you the password 🙂 Thanks Jennifer, big hug

  3. I love your thoughts and perspective here, Alexandra. And I completely agree that, in the world of blogging, some posts are definitely fodder for discussion, while others aren’t. As I continue to find my voice in blogging, I have realized that many of my posts are still the “not so much thought provoking, but just trying to get my ideas down on paper (or screen!)” material, and I am good with that. For what it’s worth, regarding your writing, I answered “no” to a – f above! I am looking forward to catching up on all of the posts that I’ve missed over the past month, and to engaging in some discussion on them, as well!

  4. The irony that a blog about the lack of comments ends up getting a load of comments. Hmm, I think your posts ARE engaging so I think spreading the word via your own network or family and friends and work colleagues + social media will definitely grow your comments. Having said that typically only 1% of your followers will ever comment. That’s not because they’re not enjoying the posts but just because it’s quicker not to. Questions often help readers decide to get involved and also directly ASKING for comments can increase it too. 🙂

  5. I do believe my beautiful friend that you have arrived – you write for you – and that is always the one person you must be true to. Huge hugs!!!! Now that I know how much you’d enjoy messages – look out – I’m gonna fill your mailbox – because that’s what loving friends do – grin!!!

  6. Jejejeee… We’ll just have to wait for her to go back to being her spunky self, we just had her spade so she’s been a bit sad these days, though it’s not a bad idea, I’ve found several blogs where their pets have a day to blog, so this might be a trend to consider and a probable blog boost, she could start off talking about birth control to other pets who are uncertain of their parenting abilities…:)! You are the sweetest Marina, and if Bonnie doesn’t feel the writing bug then I’ll just be patient as you well say! xoxo sweetheart

  7. Or you could just put Bonnie in charge of things… then you’ll see how many comments you’ll get!!! Joking of course. It will happen gradually, have patience and you’ll see them coming. You deserve the attention!!!
    🙂 xxxxx

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