I missed the original streaming so I am sure glad for this ENCORE…

I feel this might not be exactly for my age range… but there is always something good to learn or some valueable inspiration to be found when intelligent women share their stories and life experiences of struggle be it emotional, physical, even financial and the path they took to evercome and find success at any level…

So here’s the link…


I’m thrilled to announce that the Encore Day of The Thriving Mamas Summit 2013officially launches tomorrow morning! Are you excited? ALL the interviews and FREE gifts will be available for you for 24 hours!

I know there are a couple of you who missed a day, two or most of the week, and I don’t blame you – being a mom is THE hardest job in the world and acknowledging that is always the first step to thriving. Now, our lives may not be a complete fairtytale but we do have our perks and that is having the company of fellow moms who understand what we’re going through, down to the last detail. So I’m providing you this Encore Day because I want you to know that I’m with you every step of the way – up or down.

Likewise, thank you for joining me in this journey. I hope you Mamas loved it! Let’s now pave the way to a new chapter of our thriving escapades. See you there!

P.S. From one mama to another, Let’s THRIVE for Us, for our Families, and for the World!

excerpt from Thriving Mamas Summit newsletter…

this has been a public service announcement from yours truly The Learning and Inspiration Locator, MOI!

hugs people!!


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