ACT… FYI!!! The Eating Psychology Conference from en*theos has started!!!

Remember this post?

Well, I’ve been tuning in…

The first group of speakers focused on CREATING YOUR OWN SUCCESS hosted by Erin Cox… I took notes, some on paper and some mental… they were all wonderfully informative (hope, but am not promising or setting a date, to post about it soon :/ )

After this one, two coincided in dates: THE LOVING BRAIN which streams every Monday and QUARTERLIFE UPGRADE which ended last week…(also hope to post about it)

and now, as we speak, this is what’s coming to us FREE…

The Eating Psychology Conference from en*theos has started!!! 

Here’s today’s Play schedule.

Day 1 – Monday, August 5
1pm PT/4pm ET: Eating Psychology: The Big Picture with Marc David
2pm PT/5pm ET: Women, Food, God and More with Geneen Roth
3pm PT/6pm ET: Functional Nutrition and Eating Psychology with Mark Hyman, M.D.
4pm PT/7pm ET: Hormones and Inner Health with Sara Gottfried, MD
5pm PT/8pm ET: The Science of The Hunger Fix and Food Addiction with Dr. Pam Peeke
6pm PT/9pm ET: Nourishing the World with John Robbins
7pm PT/10pm ET: The Deep Politics of Food, Women and Global Health with Vandana Shiva
8pm PT/11pm ET: Health at Every Size with Dr. Linda Bacon

Alisa Vitti, author of the upcoming WOMAN CODE posted a link today where you can STILL get YOUR FREE TICKET to her conference and all the others…

You’ve got 24hrs. from the time it first aired till tomorrow to listen to it, after that you’ll have to buy the conferences…

Dr. Sara Gottfried speaks in a few minutes…PLEASE HURRY AND SIGN UP, SHE’S GOT GREAT INFO TO SHARE…and I’ll let you discover the rest of her attributes 🙂

hugs people!

btw, featured image from HERE

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