BEING 40+…and a “CRY BABY”

“I’ve turned into such a cry baby…Me too, they say this happens to us at our age…”


I tried to keep focused on my stuff (work) but I couldn’t, these words reverberated in my head…

It can’t be, I haven’t cried in…I don’t know how long… (yikes, I just realized that as I have been suppressing my own tears, I have not had consideration for others’ tears either… except my children’s they move me to the core)

A couple of warm tears did stream down my cheeks when I was in the midst of the full blown migraine which I felt would never end…

Every other time, the emotion coagulates in the rim of my eyes and in my throat, I breathe in deeply and swallow it…gulp

I’ve come to feel some kind of control over this after being an effortless cryer (and extremely emotional) for most of my younger years…

So, hearing this worried me a bit. Really, I’ll be crying all over the place? or even worse, I’ll be swallowing so many tears that I’ll have to walk around with scuba gear so I won’t drown?  :/

“…this happens to us at our age” 

OUR AGE… our age, meaning our forties… I am so intrigued by “our age” and the “transformation” that, I can well accept this part, in fact, since I heard my two fellow teachers talking about it, I have taken more notice at my reactions and yes, I HAVE BECOME A CRY BABY

Among a zillion other moments, last night, I sat down to watch TV, Master Chef was on and I COULD HAVE CRIED ALL THROUGH IT… from the sad, unfortunate beginnings of the aspiring chef to the dreams of a wonderful future for the chef and his/her family… EVERY STORY PUT MY THROAT IN A KNOT…

Is it a thing of OUR AGE or is it a reflection of my unachieved dreams? my buried feelings?

and, why have we equalled crying with weakness? why do men consider it emotional blackmail? why is it considered a girl thing but you need to stop doing it sooner rather than later?


  • 88.8 per cent of people feel better after crying, with 8.4 per cent feeling worse.
  • On average women cry 47 times a year and men a mere seven.
  • Until puberty, crying levels are much the same for each gender – testosterone may reduce crying in boys while oestrogen and prolactin increases the tendency in girls.
  • Men may excrete more of the toxins related to emotional stress in their sweat because they have higher sweat levels than women.
  • The mantra to children ‘Be brave, don’t cry’ might not be the most helpful because some believe crying can actually help reduce pain.

Read more at NETDOCTOR.CO.UK 

Men sweat tears! Hhhmmm

“…crying can help to wash chemicals linked to stress out of our body, one of the reasons we feel much better after a good cry. Higher levels of adrenocorticotrophic (ACTH) have been found in emotional tears (compared to reflex tears).

Removing this chemical from the body is beneficial because it triggers cortisol, the stress hormone – too much of which can lead to health problems associated with stress.” NETDOCTOR


So, lovely people HOW YOU DOIN’ ?

Hugs and remember, crying is good, but it’s even better when there’s someone there to acknowledge it, be a loving shoulder for someone to cry on 🙂

Sigmund Freud and Joey Tribiani quoted on the same post…jajajaaaaa

btw, it is exciting to find the PERFECT word…reverberate: To resound in a succession of echoes


8 responses to “BEING 40+…and a “CRY BABY”

  1. Now that youbsay this, I am half way through Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and it states just this, how we have the option to decide what our reaction will be to any given circumstances, I have been talking with my daughter about this, very specifically about frustration… thank you Frizz 🙂

  2. The mantra to children ‘Be brave, don’t cry’ might not be the most helpful = it is helpful, to notice, that some things are really sad – then we can change our patterns of reaction …

  3. I started to suppress some time ago when someone very close to me would say, when I started to get emotional or overwhelmed in a discussion, if youbare going to start to cry then I will not listen to you, or if you cry then it means that you have nothing to say so you are just having a tantrum, your tears won’t convince me of anything, your tears make matters worse… So I slowly stopped crying… There have been moments recently when I have come to the firm decision that I am going into therapy and asking the dr. to take me to that moment and unlock the gates, though after so much time I don’t know what might happen, will they open? And if they do, what changes will occur in me? Whew…

  4. Crying reminds us there is still a small child inside of us that gets frightened, or doesn’t understand, or feels lonely etc. Why do we want to suppress that? Is it because we wanted so long to grow up – that crying would show everyone what a fake we are? Hmm. An interesting and thought provoking post Alexandra. 🙂

  5. The first fact reminded me of a study that said crying might not be all-good, as some claim it to be. There were other details but I forgot.

  6. Jejejee… A well researched piece as the first day of school rapidly approaches 🙂 so happy to see you here my friend! Yes, tears are a valuable part of us so ey must serve a true purpose! Take care Teecee, read you soon

  7. Crying seems to lift burdens most times. I wouldn’t recommend crying on the stage or manipulating people’s actions through ’emotional blackmail’, but I can say that crying calms nerves and makes for easier breathe.
    Apart from washing the eyes, shedding tears can equally wash away the burdens that cause a heavy heart.
    I enjoyed your post, and I wished that pains and such things as migranes would sieze to exist.
    Quite a researched piece. Some chemical or biological terms added spice to it.

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