DISCOVER… Emily Jeffords

I am so happy to bring to you another post in my DISCOVER series… We all have a soft spot for the beautiful things in life and ART is the epitome of man-made beauty, or in this case of WOMAN-MADE BEAUTY…

I have mostly featured WATERCOLOUR ART, a medium that intimidates me infinitely, but his time I was trapped by the art made by an artist, fellow blogger I’ve followed for a while now…

The combination of beautiful brushstrokes, mesmerizing palettes and the story of this personal project that caught my attention and made it a must for my next DISCOVER post…

this is what I am talking about…


These are the first two paintings of her ongoing project, as I write this, there are four more up for sale in her BIG CARTEL SHOP  here (though only two left) and to read about them check out her BEAUTIFUL HELLO BLOG posts for painting #3, painting #4, #5, #6

Emily, kindly answered a few questions for US (me, jijijiiii) which let us take a peek into her life and inspiration as an artist…

For starters, I want to thank you (again, jejejeee, very grateful I am) for allowing me to feature you and your art in my DISCOVER post…Tell me a bit more about your creative process: do you work when inspiration hits or do you have a schedule that you follow? 

My creative process is both very disciplined and very, very free-spirited.  I go to my studio 5-6 days a week with my two little girls who are very, very good (usually) and work for 7-8 hours at a time.  I only do artwork during this time (with several breaks to help my kids, and do a few quick tasks on my phone) no bill paying, writing, emailing (usually), or other work.  So in that regard, I’m pretty strict with myself.  However, I only create artwork that inspires me.  So one day I may be oil painting, the next creating a batch of fine art jewelry.

I find that working from that inspiring energy almost always leaves me feeling satisfied and happy with my work.

I bet this work schedule doesn’t feel that much of a disciplined act because you enjoy what you do and your family is part of it…Emily, though your brush stokes show freedom they also show mastery in achieving such wonderful effects with simple lines, have you studied painting techniques or did you start painting from a natural ability? 

I have always been an artist.  I began selling artwork at a very, very young age.  I spend several years telling myself I was going to be a musician, but changed my mind after my first live performance.  I graduated with a BA in fine art and began teaching art and working as a full-time artist in 2008.  

Having tried all forms in school, do you have a favorite medium? 

This is a tricky one for me as I work consistently in traditional oil paint, in less-traditional ink painting collages, and jewelry design.  I think this goes back to the “work on what inspires you” concept.  

That is the beauty of having learned several mediums, inspiration dictates the next project in all its aspects from size to material and form…Other projects that have stemmed from your love of painting? 
My blog, Beautiful Hello ( has certainly stemmed from my love of art and my interest in graphic design.  I absolutely love “meeting” and talking with other creative people, sharing my inspiration, my story, and featuring some of the most amazing artists, designers, and creative makers I’ve come across.

I know what you mean, reading about others’ projects, works in progress, creative processes is so enriching and can be taken as encouragement to get to work on our personal projects… Talking about personal projects, these paintings are all part of a project that is very close to your heart, people should visit your blog post to learn about it

Anyway…I am so intrigued by this long brushstroke technique, I find it so expressive despite its apparent simplicity; I’ve seen it used by other artists in their work, has this always been your painting style? how has it evolved? 

When I work in oil paint I think less about my technique and more about the motion and movement of the painting.  Some scenes call for short, staccato-like brush strokes, others long sweeping lines.  The form on the subject matter is most important to me.  I find long brush strokes help with this motion.  They create a consistent, intentional movement that is both simple and complex.I agree, and I find it fascinating how something that expresses a simple movement of the hand can carry such deep intention and meaning…I think I need to learn the correct terms for each brush stroke and everything related with painting… 😉
You have been so kind in sharing your project and thoughts with us…
I see the selling part of this endeavour has also been a success, CONGRATULATIONS EMILY, I can only imagine the great feeling of satisfaction it is bringing you and the happy moments to come for you and your family due to this effort…
The links so that we can find you and your art…
My website:
blog: www.BeautifulHelloBlog.comThank you so much Alexandra!
hugs people and enjoy the beauty in art!!
btw, thanks to everyone who visited and left their lovely thoughts in my past DISCOVER post featuring the wonderful art by Marina Kanavaki 🙂 

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