photo 2 (8)

Two images of the rock formations from part of the mountains that surround our hometown.

photo 1 (10)

He spent a year and a half driving down these mountains every weekend to be with us till it got to a point where he was oblivious to them standing in his way and making him drive in zig-zags


It wasn’t till I watched CARS for the zillionth time that I realized that, at least in the USA, to lay a road connecting cities where mountains stand in between, they cut through the mountains in order to open space for a straight highway

Not here, not in the Rumorosa mountains… I get nauseous just remembering…to get from one side of the mountians where the beach towns are to our desert hometown we have to come down a sinuous road that follows the silhouette laid by these beautiful mountains

So just before the curvy stretch began, I took the pics and then got in my life-saving position: eyes closed, straight back, deep breaths…here we goooooooo, OMG, deep breaths, deep breaths was my accompanying mantra, deep breaths…

It’s twenty minutes curves, to the left, to the right, repeat…twenty minutes and we’re back on a flat, straight road…

Knowing that it was just twenty minutes and forgetting how my husband and children were making fun of me and my mind-over-matter-deep breathing session, I finally ENJOYED THE RIDE

Noticing the changes in landscape from beach to desert, from two-digit to three-digit weather, driving over the recently uncovered fault… all made for quite an interesting drive home…



Hugs People!!

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