BEING 40+…The Bathtime Chronicles #5

A few days ago…
P: Mom, do you have endorphins?
ME: Not as much as I wished I had!
P: Oh, so you know what endorphins are!
ME: Yes, do you?
P: Yes!
ME: What are they?
P: They are things you have when you exercise…
ME: Right, they are hormones…
P: Yes, formones…and they make you feel happy
ME: Yes they do….

Last night…
ME: Hurry up, you need to take a bath, you start basketball practice tomorrow morning
P: Uuuuggghh, I have two sports 😦
ME: Yes, you are lucky to be practicing two sports, remember what you produce when you do sports?
Sofia: a body like mine…
ME: No, tell your sister what you produce…
P: You produce happy formones
ME: and what are they called…?
P: endorphins
S: Mom, what are you doing to this poor boy?
ME: Nothing, he came to me with that info…he heard in on Brain pop
S: Pablo,what are you saying about dolphines? What’s all this about?
P: Not dolphines, duuuhhh! You produce happy formones called endorphins when you exercise
ME: Hormones, honey!
P: Yeah, formones mom! OK, now let’s talk about U.S. Presidents, who is your favorite: George Washington or Abraham Lincoln?


p.s. I wish there was a Spanish version of Brain Pop, no one has ever made our [Mexican] history fun to know about :/ or any other important information for that matter :/

hugs people

btw, featured image Chemical structure of alpha-Neoendorphin (α-Neoendorphin)

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