WPDP…if only…and I don’t mean to seem or sound pretentious

If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

WOW, yeah…OK, I’ll just come out and say it, maybe that way I’ll just get to doing it…

I would like for my blog posts to open our eyes to the changes we -women- go through when we reach 40 but not from a medical point of view, though the scientific facts do back up or correct my views, but from the perspective of a common person like myself…

I would like for a thirty something to read me and, though not really dwelling on the fact that she will turn 40, start taking care of herself with the awareness that physical youth is not eternal so mentally you need to keep feeling like you felt at your best age…

And that, like me, if 40 is turning out to be the best age, then CARPE DIEM

If you never really did selfcare, 40 is the BEST time to start…

However, I would not dare exclude men from this, being that my own hubby doesn’t read me and, the wonderful fact, that my first readers and now dear friends are men…so I’d hope reading my mindchatter would make them turn to their partners and see them through a different lens, in a different light, where their inner and outer changes make them even more wonderful- that is: a subject that picks at your wonder spot… and magnifies their fabulousness in your heart…

I have two lovely friends, one 30 something, the other 40 something…both are going through divorces…goodness, at 30 something I went through a huge identity and existential crisis that could have ended my marrige and it almost did, thank God it didn’t (we are meant to be together) and now at 41, so many changes are happening in my mind and body  that could be misread by my husband that could, again, put our marriage in a difficult position…but I am aware of this and I am reading and looking for answers and inspiration, role models of success to show me how to sail these waters with my husband on board…

If these women had done the same, my very humble opinion I need to stress that, in time, when they first started to notice the situation in themselves, they might have been better prepared and not have blamed it on their marriages but used their marriage as a safe boat which would take them back to safety…

I know I am not the only one out here in the blogosphere talking about this and, above all, not the most qualified BUT, huge but (one T, jejeje…) no one has my voice or is living my same circumstances so, why not, right?!

anyway… this is what I’d love for my blog to do but I shy away from it eventhough I believe in my contribution if even to one couple or lady out there, maybe just to me as a journal or catharsis…

there, I’ve manifested…OMG

vibes of courage…feeling it?!

send me vibes of courage people!!

big hug 🙂

btw, featured image from bluecoatevents

8 responses to “WPDP…if only…and I don’t mean to seem or sound pretentious

  1. Thank you Jennifer, it’ll be so nice to get your feedback on my stuff 🙂 btw, we just booked an unscheduled mini vacation starting tomorrow so I might not get to listen to the first conferences 😦

  2. Alexandra,
    I have been meaning to make my way over here since you commented on my blog earlier this week. I am so glad that I finally did. I look forward to reading more my “online time” this week!

  3. Stu, my dear friend, thank you for saying this…I’ve manifested now I’ve got to make it real. You, my friend are already making it real, you started with that objective and you have achieved it… YOU are the inspiration!! 🙂

  4. You ARE an inspiration Alexandra (not only to women over 40!). For me, I hope my blog helps people realise they are in charge of their lives and I hope it helps them reach their full potential and have the most fulfilled life possible. 🙂

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