WP DP:” I love them all because of who they are”

…is what a mother answers when asked who her favorite child is. Well, it’s kind of the way I feel about ART.

It is extremely complicated for me to choose one painting because,

first of all, I have not seen nearly enough art to be able to set apart just one; I wish I could take a WORLD MUSEUMS ONLY TOUR, no shopping, no city views, just museums and good food! the life….then, I once taught (or tried to, at least) an Art Appreciation course where we “dissected” paintings or highlighted aspects of one to explain the good use of a technique which took the focus off the painting as a whole and made us see its value in its parts… finally, I took an oil painting class which made me more sensitive to color and texture and the emotion it expressed…

So, my appreciation is very much affected by information and instruction, nevertheless, I’ll try to pick…

Oh ART how I love thee, let me count the ways…

I am entranced by the perspective and visual effects of LAS MENINAS by Diego Velázquez and THE ARNOLFINI PORTRAIT by Jan van Eyck

a bit of a self-portrait, the experts say…plus the mirror showing us the parents were there witnessing the moment

The convex mirror shows us the other side of the scene…the fabric textures…

File:Arnolfini Portrait 2.jpg

…the fringe, the fur, the wool, the leather belt…

I loved VAN GOGH’s biography, so anything he painted while in Arles…

I feel a bit spooked by anything by EL GRECO, so dark and all the long faces

long faces, dark background…

All MEXICAN ARTISTS because they were true expressions of the time and their GRAND SCALE MURALS

EL HOMBRE EN LLAMAS , THE MAN IN FLAMES; this is the cupola or dome ceiling at HOSPICIO CABANAS in Guadalajara, Jal. México by José Clemente Orozco

Paul Henry’s THE WATCHER…I found this painting in a very somber and introspective period of my life, plus the colors are breathtaking, it’s one of the paintings that are silently awaiting my return…

the approaching storm, the waves crashing… la calma después de la tormenta? awaiting the calmness that follows the storm

PICASSO and BRAQUE’s CUBISM…such a powerful breaking from tradition

File:Pablo Picasso, 1909-10, Figure dans un Fauteuil (Seated Nude, Femme nue assise), oil on canvas, 92.1 x 73 cm, Tate Modern, London.jpg

Figure dans un Fauteuil, PICASSO

File:Violin and Candlestick.jpg

Violin and Candlestick, BRAQUE

Any POP ART, because my children delight in watching it, specially Lichtenstein and Warhol

I L.O.V.E. Religious ICONS, the original ones, my mom told me were considered national treasures to Russia and was against the law to buy and take out of the country…with their very basic perspective overshadowed by all the gold leaf, jewels and incredible natural pigments… (this is my favorite one, I couldn’t find an original version of it)

ANYWAY, WP DP you asked Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience… AND I ANSWERED…oooooohhh! SCULPTURE TOO… I’ll leave that for another day

Excuse the rambling, but this is a topic I could talk about all day!

Checking out other replies to the prompt, read you soon lovely people, HUGS!!

btw, featured image

18 responses to “WP DP:” I love them all because of who they are”

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  3. This year I saw a wonderful exhibif, Frida and Diego, here in Toronto at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). It was fascinating to see their art, hung together.

    I was supposed ro spend some time in Mexico City, expressly to see all the fabulous art, several years ago. A friend and I rented a house in San Miguel for a month and our return trip home was to include a few days in Mexico City. Then the woman we rented from cancelled our reservation. It seems the home belonged to her mother, who had just died and it was part of her estate.

    There were sibling arguments going on regarding the fate of the house and unfortunately we were out of luck. We got our money back, but no vacation in San Miguel.

    Hopefully another time …

  4. México City and Guadalajara have the best examples!!! I think there are some by Diego Rivera in the US as well, it would be lovely to read about you taking a trip to my country 🙂

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  8. I forgot about sculpture in the prompt :/ but I agree sculpture is art that integrates physically into our lives… Picasso is a staple in art history, though not of everyone’s liking however we can appreciate him for his techniques and innovations 🙂 I have this same obstacle with Pollock, just can get the ” art ” in it…I think I need to read and understand him… So lovely of you to have stopped by Thanks, Alexandra

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  11. I know Stu…I remember walking through El Prado in Madrid and being mesmerized my a man sitting still trying to capture Las Meninas in its TOTALITY…quite a task, it’s a HUGE painting… and I thought, “he must live here if he does this with all the paintings in the museum” …sigh, I need to travel with art lovers, my first trip around the world is booked with my husband, hopefully my second will be with art admirers… hope I live that long 🙂 about skills, my friend, The Watcher, has me only watching…did you see those clouds?! aaarrrgghhh

  12. I love ART in all forms too. Alas, my skill lies only in abstract or line drawing. As for a day of art in museums – it’s one of my favourite passtimes. 🙂

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