THINK… and wait and grin at Life’s curves

Mom, you are the one that likes to do crafts, not me…

Were my daughter’s words a few Summers ago when I offered to enroll her in an Arts and Crafts Summer course. And she was right, I have always loved to do crafty stuff, hence my inability to draw versus the easiness with which I’d create the model scales of my projects in architecture school.

Anyway, why expect your children to follow your exact steps? Who said you were such a cool role model? Let them pick their hobbies and define their interests all on their own…

Mom, would you buy me some modeling clay? Sure! and some glitter? Of course… Paint brushes, glaze, a few tools, a mat…and that’s it for now, please?! Hhhmmm, OK, I hesitantly answered…This is quite an investment for a few hours entertainment…

Surprisingly, she got hooked on creating miniature clay figures, her specialty MACARONS… and with this, she got her hands dirty and wrist-deep in crafty stuff…could it be? could my daughter be discovering her crafty side?

Mom, I want to paint! Excuse me?! Paint, are you sure? YES, mom…You’ll need to be patient with painting, the supplies aren’t cheap…I know mom…I want to paint something for my room, I want to try your students’ Paint-by-Tone project, but I want for us to paint together… Sure, sweetheart, I answered, trying not to get too excited about the prospect of a cool mother-daughter Summer project, and the possibility of her awakening interest in art…

And here it is, the first of her Paint-by-Tone canvases…



The top image is the print out of the image, the bottom is her rendering…excuse the mess, art can be a dirty job 🙂

and my project…

ANEMONES PAINT-BY-TONEas with Sofía’s work, the top image is the print out and the bottom is my version…

It was so much fun and this is such a FORGIVING technique, I can’t begin to tell you!

We’ve got several more planned, hope she keeps interested long enough to finish them…

Next for her, a RAY BAN eyeglass triad…for me, a bouquet of POPPIES and some CLOUDS with incredible blues and greys…

Nice way to start of the Summer 🙂

hugs people!

btw, featured image paint tubes


10 responses to “THINK… and wait and grin at Life’s curves

  1. Well Raye, the name I made it up…the technique is kind of like the very entertaining Paint-by-Numbers, but this is computer generated (wow, sounds so techy) and well we have to mix the colors as we go along… I really enjoyed this part with my students and with our projects, I love mixing colors to equal the tones and values…would you like to try one of your own? I’d happily guide you! As a value exercise, have you tried mixing the primary and complementary colors? then adding white and then adding black… It expands your palette and your sensibility to color immensely 🙂

  2. A. Can you [simply] explain the “tone-0n-tone” process. I’ve never tried it…let alone heard of this process. Yes, it looks like fun and another way to work on values….thanks…Raye

  3. We traced them on the canvas first then went through it like a paint-by-color but without the little tubs of prepared colors, I mixed as we went along, the challenge (that i set for myself) was to only buy the primary colors I saw on the painting, plus white and black and achieve the tones from there…something else i gained was to silence my mind…I painted for several hours straight without feeling tired…I needed that therapy, I kind of felt my brain sit still and focus… 🙂 thanks Stu! have you painted lately?

  4. Lovely paintings – both of them. That still takes a lot of skill. Do you do it free hand or do you trace the image over then paint?

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