DISCOVER…Marion Bolognesi

Looking for images of paint splashes and drips I found MARION BOLOGNESI

Most of the times, when something intimidates me, I avoid it, MATH, for example…or PHYSICS…run for the hills…even EXERCISE…jajajaaa, that’s just plain laziness


WATERCOLOR intimidates me immensely,

but it also traps me inevitably…

it both grounds me and takes my breath away…

it makes my heart beat at a faster rate

and puts me in a zen like state

it grabs hold of my senses and lets my mind soar

it, simultaneously, stops me in my tracks

and sets me free 

a fluid medium

that keeps me static,

in a trance

where all I can do is discover

and admire at every chance


Please take a moment to visit this ARTIST’S SITE… have your credit card ready because she’s got a STORE 


hugs people


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