REACT… to Gaudi’s 161st Anniversary GOOGLE DOODLE

Anton Gaudí i Cornet, born June 25th, 1852, 161 years ago in Reus, Barcelona, Spain

Gaudí rarely designed on paper, he was known to have the whole plan in mind and go about the construction as inspiration dictated…he’d use scale models to define and work on the details…

161 bday Gaudi

There is so much significance behind each of his projects…for example:

The CASA BATLLÓ… believed to be a representation of the legend of Sant Jordi and the Dragon…where you can see the scales of the dragon’s skin on the rooftop, the skulls and bones of its victims serving as support columns throughout the building’s facade and the chimney playing the part of the mythical sword driven into the beast’s body…MORE IMAGES

I urge you to read more about him…just google his name or the name of any of his architectural treasures and let yourself be amazed by his creative mind!!

among all else, click on this link “The PARK GUELL” to take a virtual tour of the famous park…

On a personal note, when I first started architecture school, about a century ago -give or take a few years-, in the subject History of Architecture, we were asked to prepare a presentation on our favorite architect… I was just starting school, the only architect I knew was my uncle…though I did have a special fondness for everything spanish, so I went TO THE LIBRARY, jajajaaaa, yeah no google… I went to the University’s library, there they did have computers, HUGE ones, where I typed, not googled, just typed SPANISH ARCHITECT…and to my surprise ANTONIO GAUDÍ came up…I hurried upstairs to the rows and rows of bookcases till I found HIM…I could not get home quick enough to start working on my project… L.O.V.E. , love I tell you, I fell in love with his work and his creative process… Barcelona, is, of course, on my places-I-must-visit-before-I’m-50 list!!

Feliz 161 Maestro Gaudí

I bow to your awesomeness

hugs people!


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