CREATE…another CREATIVE semester comes to an end

So our second semester of Creativity Workshop has come to an end and I’d like to share some images of a few projects presented at the closing expo…


Everyone’s favorite turned out to be the PAINT-BY-TONE…here are some projects with their INSPIRATION (inspo: slang for inspiration) images…and some details of the process for one of them (*THE iPHONE SHADOW IS NOT PART OF THE PROJECT 😦 …I am trying to let it go :/)


In retrospect, it was a complicated semester, I think it’s a generational thing, but I realized a bit to late that if I showed my students what the final project would look like, they’d go home and hurry through it….aaaarrrrggghhhh, that ruined my project calendar several times until I learned my lesson and had them on a NEED-TO-KNOW basis: for today you only need to know THIS… or, they’d ask the name of the project, go home and google it, then bring it to school “all finished” , SO THEY’D SAY!!! I started making up names for the projects, un-google-able names (just like this word I just made up, go ahead, google it! jejejeee)

NOW, they asked that we only have projects where they will paint… πŸ™‚ So, I’ll be surfing (the web) looking for INSPO all Summer long!!

Hope you enjoy the pics, hugs people!!

btw, featured image from HERE


16 responses to “CREATE…another CREATIVE semester comes to an end

  1. ART CAMP!!! aaaaahhh, now that sounds like my kind of Summer… Art is so revealing of a person’s true emotions, hope you decide to post some images, I’d love to see them πŸ™‚ so happy to have inspired you Karen, I owed you many πŸ™‚

  2. Alexandra, these are great! Thanks for sharing them. My youngest son is in art camp this week, and I just love seeing what he creates. You’re inspiring me to perhaps take a few photos of his creative work for my next blog post! Art is such an important part of life! Karen

  3. It’s so good that you find pleasure in the things that consume your time. That’s a blessing, you know? So good to know that you are having fun teaching. πŸ™‚

  4. I do, Stu! Nowadays, teens get easily bored specially when it’s taking long to finish so I need to teach them to savor the process, which in most cases defines the quality of the finished product… Quite a challenge πŸ™‚

  5. Jejejeeee… My daughter, a friend and I want to work on a large format paint-by-tone, if we do get organized, I’ll post a step-by-step… It takes time, precision and patience but the result is incredible… We’re looking for the ideal image to get the most out of the effect πŸ™‚ my friend wants a portrait of her children, my daughter wants to try it on an image of some macarons and I want to use a bouquet of flowers… I’ll let you know in advance πŸ™‚

  6. ASAP my friend!!! πŸ™‚ next semester I’m teaching advanced writing 1 & 3 and my third try at the creativity workshop, I’ll be planning most of the summer, I thank God I love doing this day after day because it is quite time consuming

  7. Brilliant! Thanks for the close-ups of the paintings. I’d love to see the pet collages in detail, too. You should blog a step-by-step tutorial. I’d follow along– and promise not to google the name of the finished product!

  8. Keep up the good work, dear. Unpredictability is important in making people sit up. I admire your ability device effective strategies spontaneously. You always have some beautiful objectives up your sleeves.
    Ride on.
    I’ve slowed down to one post a week. I’ve been posting on Saturdays for the past three weeks. I guess you’ve missed some poems.
    Feel free to check up anytime.
    Welldone! πŸ™‚

  9. jejejejeeee… Takes one to know one, my dear friend! Now, besides creativity, I need to show my students the virtue of patience… web browsers have them hooked on the idea that results should be seen in seconds, or maybe I’m just old school… we’ll see how next semester goes… I even jokingly said that I was going to choose my students, not the other way around, where the students choose the extracurricular activity… Of course I won’t, but it did make them slow down and, consequently, do better work… Teecee, so happy to read you, I’ve neglected my WPReader, I hope I haven’t missed any of your posts πŸ™‚

  10. oh yes Jots, I am so grateful to be a teacher in these times, my students and I manage to surprise eachother constantly coming up with personal takes on the inspiration we get from other’s wonderful art…I am anxious to start putting together next semester’s Creativity Workshop plan πŸ™‚ so happy you visited my blog today, read you soon!!

  11. Welldone, my model teacher. You never sieze to inspire me. Keep up with those creative ideas. You are just one awesome personality! πŸ™‚

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