BEING 40+… The Bathtime Chronicles #4

We’ve been having 3 digit temps since last weekend, so as soon as we got home from school, we had lunch and rushed my son into the shower…suds, suds and more suds…the gunk sweat plus dirt turns into is almost worthy of a chisel…it was a quick bath, he was tired, I was tired…so our REVEALING conversation took place while he dried up… As I waited for him to open the bathroom door I checked his school bag for the day’s homework…

ME: Oh my God! and started laughing

B: what mom?

a little backstory… yesterday my son left school with a bunch of his classmates to go to a restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday, so I can just imagine, when the boy’s mom arrived they all hurried up and grabbed their schoolbags, not minding if they had put their homework in them… so when we got home after the birthday lunch we noticed he had an empty bag…my husband got soooo angry…I just reminded my son that he would probably be punished and not have recess, and well, I think he understood that he would have to make up for his lack of attention…back to the conversation…

ME: Oh my God! I kept saying this and could not stop laughing

B: what mom? why are you laughing and looking at my homework list at the same time? stop laughing?

ME: you FORGED MY SIGNATURE?!...more laughing, nervous laughter, scared laughter, buying-time laughter, trying-to-think-quick laughter…nothing…I just kept laughing nervous laughter…and asking myself: what does this mean? what should I do? WHY AM I LAUGHING?

B: Yes, it does look like your name (amused expression on his face) I signed here where you sign after I finish my homework and I signed my reading record

ME: Oh my God!

B: Mom, stop saying that and stop laughing, you are making me nervous, did I do something wrong?

ME: Oh my God! Oops, …tense silence, well I was tense, he was just looking at me waiting for my answer...the worst part of it, or…the second worse part of it was that the teachers did think I had signed, the false signature WAS THAT GOOD…oh my God, what if they had realized the truth? Aaaaaaa… 

ME: Well, honey, I am laughing because I can’t believe you did this, this is considered a felony, that is, AGAINST THE LAW

B: Oops! nervous laughter

ME: though I don’t know how it works in school…oh my grasping at straws here…HEEEEEELP

B: but the teacher didn’t notice any difference mom, I did my homework before she arrived and I signed everything and had recess and all…

ME: Yes sweetheart, you were very lucky…S*%t

B: Yes. I. was. (huge smile of satisfaction on his face)

ME: (trying to look and sound serious) Honey, sweetheart, listen to me, look at me and listen to me, please don’t do this again…

B: Mom after seeing how dad got sooooo angry at me for forgetting my homework,  I promise you this will not happen again, I hope…

ME: Ok, Yes I remember…anyway, let me finish…I have no idea what could have happened if the teacher had noticed but I do know you could have been punished, how severely? I have no idea, BUT LET’S NOT FIND OUT, PLEASE!

B; Yes, mom, I promise…Hey mom…I want to learn to play the saxophone…Jejejeee It does look like your signature…

inhale, exhale, hugs people


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