BEING 40+… The Bathtime Chronicles #3


B: Mom, what’s a MILLIONAIRE?

B: Is Bruce Wayne a millionaire?
M: Yes…a millionaire is a person who works very very hard and does his job extremely well
B: Is dad a millionaire?
M: No, not like Bruce Wayne
B: Yeah, Bruce Wayne is the owner of Gotham City
M: No, he takes care of Gotham City
B: No, he doesn’t, Batman takes care of Gotham City… they are the same person, but people dont know that…I want to be a millionaire
M: Well, you are going to have to study and work hard

B: Yes, I’m going to have an office full of technology like Tony Stark…I’m going to create technology
M: That’s called a laboratory
B: Yes, I’m going to have a laboratory and create technology like Tony Stark
(sticks hand up in the air in front of him and makes believe he has Ironman’s glove on and throws some kind of explosive)
B: I am not going to throw it at good people only bad ones
M: Just be careful you know the difference, OK?!
B: Yes, mom…what time is it? will I still be able to have some cereal? I want to watch today’s brain pop episode again
M: Hurry up then, just be…
B: I know, be careful, the most terrible home accidents happen in the bathroom…OK
Happy Humming…

8 responses to “BEING 40+… The Bathtime Chronicles #3

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  2. Thank God he is almost always “happy humming” and when he’s not, he’s thinking out loud and I’m taking note 🙂 jejejeeee…I do hope this lasts, I am aware that there will come a time when he’ll become totally hermetic, introspective… I’ll enjoy till then 🙂 thank you Jots, read you soon

  3. I am loving that he dreams big, of course he doesn’t know that I am taking note and will have it on the back burner till the time comes for him to decide and my husband and I to keep him company on his ADVENTURE TO THE TOP… This will be good my dear friend! Thank you 🙂

  4. Interesting!
    It just keeps building up!
    I trust you though, you can cope with the research and guidance that can help him reach his dreams.
    Enjoy, my dear friend!

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