BEING 40+…The Bathtime Chronicles #2


Water is running, suds abound and this little boy is humming some tune, I can’t quite make out what it is…it very well might be something he makes up as he goes along…suddenly…
B: Mom remember Kyan, the boy from Germany?
M: Yes
B: He picks his nose… Did you know that buggers come in different colors?
M: Hhmmm
B: Yes, yellow, green and red
M: Jajajaaaa ok, gross
B: Kyan picks his nose, gross
M: Well tell him to go get a tissue, the teacher has a box on her desk, doesn’t she?
B: Yes, and it is always full
M: Well signal to the box next time and if he doesn’t go get one then you bring one to him
B: You think?
M: Yes I do
B: Mom, when’s my graduation?
M: In a month
B: I’m taking my Angry Birds box and the first box and the used box
M: What? Where?
B: To second grade or will they give me a new one , oh I hope it’s blue and I bet Kyan will want a green one like his…
M: Ok, I get the point
Silence and more humming, just a bit louder and a bit of singing, unintelligible but happy singing

hugs people


5 responses to “BEING 40+…The Bathtime Chronicles #2

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  2. No one’s bored when he’s around 🙂 one thought after the other, i can hardly keep up with his train of thought, thank you my friend, there’s no business like mum business jejeje! Big hug

  3. This little boy is quite an interesting fellow. Boredom wouldn’t be able to survive in his dictionery!
    Especially at bathtime!
    Enjoy the fun; it’s part of the dividends of being a good mum! 🙂

  4. for every time there is a season, reason or random running through fields of…..your choice…but singing, humming and smiles. don’t forget to bring along those smiles………..

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