THINK…about this invitation

During the first days of this month (May, for all others, like me, who on ocasions don’t know what day it is, much less of what month) I hesitantly signed up for a WEBINAR…


I have been a fan and have listened to the PANTONE teleconferences where they talk about color trends and/or have introduced the color of the year…. HOWEVER…

I had never signed up for a webinar on topics of health, parenthood and those self-help deals… though I love listening to intelligent people that seem as if they are talking directly to me, I had mostly tuned to my friend Stu’s videos from The Change Your Life Blog, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday excerpts on youtube and, of course, to watch their talks and pretend I am at their level of intelligence and dream of one day being there…but that’s stuff for another post…ANYWAY…

I listened, I think it was for about 10 days, to the webinars that fit into my schedule…I enjoyed them immensely!! and even took notes (where the …did i leave them?…schoolbag!)

Let me tell you, I was enlightened by:

Dr. Sara Gottfried and THE HORMONE CURE…yeah that’s me…

Dr. Robert Brooks with his talk on Raising Resilient Children…wow

Shauna L. Shapiro, Ph.D. highlighting The Art & Science of Mindfulness… experiencing life in full awareness

Cathy Lumsden with The Best Advice Your Mother Never Told You and her intergenerational patterns


Marci Shimoff with The Keys To Happiness and Love, where she stated that our happiness thermostat or set point is defined by, get this: 10% circumstances+40% habits and thoughts that guide our behavior+50% genetics…YIKES!!

I took notes like the nerd I was in school woohooo!

All these fabulous people where part of En*theos and Kristine Carlson’s Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Mom’s Virtual Conference…I was infinitely lucky to find the offer and subscribe to the free audiocast. Today, you can buy the MP3 of each conference at the webpage.

SO NOW, I am always on the look out for interesting webinars…

Lucky me and lucky you (if you did not get this same email, if you did, please ignore me now and look for me during recess to compare notes), I just got an email with an invitation to

“the upcoming Hay House World Summit …an incredible free 10-day online gathering of 110 brilliant experts from so many different fields—all in some way connected to relationships, health, or spirituality (and sometimes all three!) 

You can listen in from June 1st through the 10th to 110 authors and experts as they share their powerful stories and exercises, along with advice on how to live your best life. “

and this time, I’ll let you decide if it’s worth your time or not…

Here’s the link to the 10 day schedule and all the personalities that will be speaking

Hope you decide to register and we’ll share notes and a sandwich at lunchtime, jajajaaa!

hugs people!!


4 responses to “THINK…about this invitation

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  2. Well, hmmm! YES! Jajaja 🙂 joking…you don’t HAVE TO, but I am happy you did because this is the kind of stuff you are great at. Although I’m thinking you already knew about these conferences!!!

  3. Well I HAD to ‘like’ this post didn’t I. 🙂
    Actually I did, thanks for the mention – humbling. And thanks for the link – I love each of those authors. If we’re not learning we’re not growing, if we’re not growing – we’re stagnating. Take care Alexandra

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