BEING 40+…The Bathtime Chronicles #1

The water’s running, dirty socks are flying in my bathroom…my little boy, who’s not so little anymore has had one more milestone in his life (granted, I may have postponed this one due to many dumb things!) he dries off and puts on his pajamas all by himself after his evening bath. This event made me realize how soon I will be banned from this part of his day so I decided to keep track of this conversations which seem to be of extreme importance to him and have now acquired a new-found importance for me as well…

I have always done my most productive thinking in the bath or whenever I’m in contact with water, apparently it also happens to my son… although, he thinks out loud and I’m there to follow along…


B: Mom we need to get a hybrid car…
B: Whats a hybrid car? Do they pollute? Does your car pollute?
B: We need to buy a hybrid car?
B: Whats a hybrid car? Is it electrical?
M: It’s a car that runs on gas and electricity too
B: Ooohh, you car runs on gas only, right?
M: Yes
B: Does your car pollute?
M: No because I keep it fine tuned
B: Does my grandmother’s car pollute
M: No, she keeps it tuned also
B: When I grow up I’ll have a hybrid car
B: Imagine a gas car and an electric car get married, their children will be hybrid cars
B: Dad’s the gas car and you are the electric, my sister and I are hybrid cars… I want to be a red hybrid car…what color does my sister like?  maybe she’d like to be a mint hybrid car…

B: Mom, can you go get my legos from downstairs?
M: Yes, hurry up and dry yourself, I’ll be right back

THINKING OUT LOUD… I’m just here to keep him company most of the times 🙂

hugs people!!

btw, featured image DESIGN by me using background from HERE

9 responses to “BEING 40+…The Bathtime Chronicles #1

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  2. Jajajajaaaa. thank you Teecee 🙂 these are bits of life that one can’t photograph and with my memory… I just had to preserve them and share!! Children do have an interesting train of thought!! and, as you say, it’s good that he thinks out loud, I get a glimpse into his mind and the info he’s absorbing from around him… more chronicles to come 🙂

  3. Wow!
    Such thoughts?
    Those are interesting lines of thought. Son already thinks like a genius. Who knows what innovative ideas he’ll come up with soon?
    You are a good listener and you’ve got creative answers too.
    It takes a good mum to know the thoughts of her children.
    You are obviously an excellent mum, to have son thinking out loud around you.
    I’m really looking foward to the days when cars would get married! 🙂
    Lovely post!

  4. Lovely.
    In the interests of science though I think you’ll find that your car does pollute – even if it’s finely tuned! Just not as much as if it wasn’t.

  5. Ajajajaaaa…y hasta ahorita también cree que es santo, no el luchador, santo de los que hay en el cielo…el día de su cumple el padre lo bendijo y le dijo, “que Dios te haga Santo” y eso bastó, creo que me facilitará las cosas para llevarlo al catecismo 🙂 OMG xoxo sister!!

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