WP DP…getting to know MULTIPLICITY

Hi, I was recently made aware of the fact that a superhero-like person lives here, in my home town…she, or rather, one of her helpers has accepted giving me a few minutes for an interview…as I speak I am standing at her/their front door and am about to ring the doorbell…I do feel a bit anxious as to who will answer…
thirty examples of multiplicity photography..very cool!!

I: Hi, good morning I am here to interview Multiplicity…
MC: Yes, please come in, she told us we were expecting your arrival and that I would be the one taking your questions…
I: And you are…?
MC: Oh, forgive me I am Multiple C
I: Multiple C, …and the C stands for …?
MC: CLEANING, I take care of one of the things Multiplicity does not like to do, though I can’t understand why, cleaning is full of rewards and challenges, so I am honored to do it…I tend to her household chores..
I: Aaahhh… So you are the maid?!
MC: NO, I am Multiple C, I am her but without distractions or external desires, all I want and need is to have the house looking and smelling great… Go on, breathe in deeply, what smell do you perceive?
I: Nothing, well, no, I do get something, a soothing, almost faint aroma of, hhmm, clean, like… Citrusy… A bit of meyer lemon, a bit of cilantro, a bit of grapefruit…wow…
MC: Now, come into the kitchen, open the fridge… Breathe in deeply…
I: Aaaah, nothing just cold, clean air, like in the mountains after snow has fallen and everything is settled and quiet…
MC: OK, bathroom…
I: No, thank you, I get your point, you’re really good at what you do…so, what does Multiplicity do when you are hard at work? Something banal I can imagine…
MC: OH no, not at all, unless cultivating the mind and being a mom is banal in your book… There are few things Multiplicity does on her own, and I am happy for that, otherwise the other multiples and I would not exist… Multiplicity will not send a multiple to school, she is studying to get her masters degree in Education; she will not use a Multiple to write her blog, that she does on her own; she keeps her children company when they are doing homework, she makes her own brownies and her special coffee cake… Although she really hates it, and it’s something we could not help her with, she personally goes to the beauty salon to have her grays covered and to the gynecologist, dentist, and any other doctor she might need to go to in case of illness, specially if the ill are her children… That’s how she takes care of us and we truly appreciate her for that, it would be easy to have a Multiple to take care of those unnerving errands but she is the matrix of all this and her body gives life to us all

I: It can’t all be good in the Multiplicity household… Do you have any trash you want to throw out?
MC: Metaphorically speaking?
I: Yes
MC: No, there’s Multiple P who is in charge of keeping the peace in this home and everywhere else Multiplicity goes…
I: Oops, ok… So where is Multiplicity now?
MC: She’s upstairs writing in her blog
I: Will she be done soon?
MC: Yes, but after that she has a paper to turn in at school and the children will be home soon so today you got a chance to speak to me
I: Hhhmmm…
MC: Oh yes, it was a pleasure for me too! If you want to interview any other Multiple, please call back at 6 when Multiple A can take care of you…
I: Multiple A..?

MC: Yes, her Asistant
I: Will do… Thanks a lot, say hi to Multiplicity for me
MC: Of course! btw, if you mix  1 tsp. Dawn, 3-4 tsp. Hydrogen Peroxide, 2 tbsp. baking soda… rub into your shirt armpit area you will get rid  of those yellow stains! 🙂
In response to today’s DAILY POST PROMPT: interview

this is the name of a superheroine I made up to make light of those days when I feel overwhelmed by my life

(I just realized it is also the name of a movie, I have not watched it…I just found out)

Hugs people!!

btw, featured image from HERE

6 responses to “WP DP…getting to know MULTIPLICITY

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  2. Jajajajaaaa… if i had special powers that’s what I’d do: MULTIPLY MYSELF!! nos encantaría visitar tu casa…tu y yo platicamos mientras mis multiples se encargan de la comida y de tus pendientes 🙂 Gracias sweetheart xoxo

  3. I love this! Fabulous writing, you are so creative my dear. Tambien quiero que la Multiplicity con todas sus letras llegue a mi casa. Besos.

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