Well, this is the first message I read today as I woke up…

“because you are YOU, thanks for just being…” are the words PAULSCRIBBLES left on yesterday’s post

and these wonderful awards came with the message…




Thank you Paul, it is such an honor to receive these awards because they represent, to me, an achievement I have unconsciously worked for… You are right I am ME, and I do take care of giving my best to others, so being appreciated for it is quite unexpected but very appreciated…

I am not good at taking compliments, I feel and sometimes hope I will blend in with everyone else…however, once in an while some kind soul sets me apart from the rest by reacting to my efforts in this lovely way…

Recently a student said, out of the blue (I feel awkward talking about this, but it was fun) that I was his favorite teacher, well we all know that there are students who’ll say whatever to try and get a better grade, he knows I know this so he quickly added,”I am not saying this to get extra points, but you are always making an extra effort for us to understand and to like your class, to have fun writing, so you are my favorite teacher”…WOW, I thought, he noticed, he felt it… then another student interrupted him, “c’mon” he said, “don’t you think she knows she’s good at what she does”…and the other boy answered, “I know she knows but I want for her to know that I appreciate it” 

SPEECHLESS…I was left speechless, that rarely happens to me in my class, so I just resorted to saying THANK YOU!

Today I say THANK YOU PAUL SCRIBBLES, I know I am ME, but it’s great to know that being ME is good enough to be worthy of your appreciation!

Take care Paul, good things await you on your life move… Your fans and I will be waiting for your next post whenever life gives you a chance

hope everyone gets a chance to visit PAULSCRIBBLES and be captured by his stories

hugs people!!

btw, featured image from INSPIREDWISDOMPROJECT

8 responses to “REACT…to being told YOU’RE AWESOME AND FANTABULOUS

  1. Just being read is already an honour! These awards are heartfelt tokens of appreciation… It is complicated, right?, to accept compliments! Tell me more about how this resonated with you…

  2. Reading this post made me check again if my inner voice was still in place.
    It seems that sometimes, minds work alike.
    Your creativity, your presentation, your illustration, your observation, your interpretation, your reaction, your appreciation… Really resonates with me.
    Welldone, dear friend and congratulations too. You deserve the honour and much more! 🙂

  3. Mumsyyyyy, what a step! You commented on my blog, jajajaaa, gracias mum!!! Yes, I do love blogging and I love YOU… Read you soon mum now that you found the comment form, jejejeee, me parezco a mi mami con el tonito pedorro… Xoxo 🙂

  4. I feel very proud of my daughter, I am Alexandra’s mother. When I look at the map, and see all the places from where they are reading her blogs, it makes me very happy, that she is doing something she really likes. KEEP ON ”MI AMOR”.

  5. Your appreciation inspired me 🙂 my laptop battery ran out so I have not passed the awards, they will soon be on their way. Thanks again Paul, read you soon my friend, take care

  6. Awwwwww…that is such a sweet blog…I feel all gooey inside now…Thank You xxx

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