THINK…when everyone’s a super…

…no one is!

Remember that line from THE INCREDIBLES when  Syndrome discovers that Mr. Incredible, a.k.a. Bob, and Elastigirl, a.k.a. Helen hooked up and got busy…

It came to mind while I was reading another wonderful post from whatimeant2say: 

Forget Being the Norm.

where she starts off like this…

“I was reading the Sunday paper and came across this quote in an article about the recent spate of parenting books written by inept moms, “There wasn’t this acceptance about being this sort of less-than-perfect mother, but all of a sudden it feels like that is becoming the norm, rather than the exception.”  This was spoken by Jill Smokler of” excerpt from blog post

and then goes on to sarcastically explain how “GOOD” a mom she is…


when everyone’s a “bad” mom, no one is!

Not so long ago a friend and I were comparing our children’s teachers and class dynamics, how much homework they bring home, reading assignments, science projects, etc…till we got to GRADES, where we found out that most of the class has an A and B average…Our children included…Hhmmm! Not the NORM, right? at least not when we were in elementary school…

when everyone’s on the honor roll, no one is…

Now I’m confused! are you confused?

when everyone’s confused, no one is…

I am not like other moms, that I know…although I have no idea how I’d rank on the BAD MOM-O-METER… however, mediocrity has never been my modus operandi… some say I over d0 everything: I over-work, over-analyze, over-parent…but I never over-look the important stuff, not even when it might mean I could be part of a trend or part of the cool, laid-back moms… Of course there are those moments when the only option is not the best option but it will have to do for now, I am human… and have my moments, we all do, but from that to opting for the easy-way-out parenting, well it’s a long stretch…

A friend once suggested that maybe being a bit mediocre might lighten my load… Honestly, she said, “why don’t you take a mediocrity pill and chill?!” aaajajajaaaaa, little did she know that the load that might be relieved from my brain would accumulate in my conscience…

I remember how exciting it was to be on the honor roll…it was…AN HONOR…but now it’s just ROLL CALL

Could it be a kind of influence/DISTORTION of the idea in “No Child Left Behind”?

Or is being AVERAGE now an HONOR?

Having academically average children, hhmmmm… I might have to come to terms with this concept… complicated, as a mom and a teacher :/


“Some people are born mediocre, some people achieve mediocrity, and some people have mediocrity thrust upon them.” ―Joseph Heller

what’s your stand?


Hugs people!! and consider this…

“Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere. Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary.” ―Warren G. Bennis

btw, featured image from OPTIMISTICJOURNEY.COM

BTW2, this is my 300th post… YAY!!

13 responses to “THINK…when everyone’s a super…

  1. PAUL, what a wonderful surprise…besides today’s teacher’s day here in México, so this is my present!! I need to get working on a proper acceptance speech…I’ll be right over to give you a virtual thank you hug 🙂

  2. EXACTLY! it took you six words to express what took me a whole blog post 🙂 thank you Stu!! I receive your ponders but have not seen you around the WP neighborhood, hope all’s well my dear friend, big hug, Alexandra

  3. Jajajaaaa… “…and not worry about living up to the HYPE”, all through out my daughter’s elementary school she made the ellusive list of 8 that was the honor roll… It was quite an incentive for her, because it wasn’t just about being on the list it was about getting to the top of the list… Which as a result, forged great habits in her! I think I know many parents who would welcome those certificates and be as proud as a parent who has watched his child make an effort to be worthy of them… Read you soon 🙂

  4. Congrats on the 300th post! And you are so right about the Honor Roll thing. As a teacher for 23 years I’ve seen how ridiculous that has become. We might as well just hand them a lifetime’s worth of certificates as soon as they register for Kindergarten!

  5. thank you Teecee!! 300 posts, wow!! thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive friend in the vastness of the blogosphere! I feel on the right track but only time will tell 🙂 (of course, you, with your powers to see beyond, are the best indicator)

  6. Reblogged this on Wise Counsel and commented:
    What distinguishes you, if all you can do is what everybody else can do?
    Feel free to be different, because you are different and our realities are different.
    Standing out makes you outstanding.
    You are unique!

  7. Congratulations on your 300th post, dear friend!
    Every single one is worth so much!
    It takes doing things differently to make a difference, not necessarily doing different things.
    Being an exceptional mom is exactly what it takes to maximize the potentials in your children.
    Doing exactly what every other mom is doing would simply mean producing the exact kind of children that every other mom has.
    You are on the right track, Alexandra!

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