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thanks Google for your Día de las Madres Doodle

Google always on top with their personalized (meaning: every country gets their doodles) attention…

Yes, today,  May 10th we celebrate Mother’s Day here in México…

You can imagine, all generations of moms together celebrating each other because today’s no exception, today we cook and clean and play hostess to our celebration…


Today marks my 12th year as a mom, though, I did not recognize my mothering as a true and deep instinct till I discovered myself wearing my mom cap with my students.

I was told I was a mother by my mom when she saw me freaking out (and in the midst of what I believe was P.P.D.) with my newborn in my arms, a clueless look on my face, an overwhelmed soul and a comatosed brain… There but not there… she said, ” you are her mom, she has no one else but you so you better get your act straight, now go sit wherever and nurse that child”, as simple and direct as that… I followed an order, not an instinct that suddenly kicks into gear…

From that moment on and for many years I mothered by the book, I read from here and there, I knew what kind of person I hoped she’d grow up to be and followed suit…guided not quite by a mothering instinct, it was more like a whirlwind trip where you know where you want to go and each day you wake up and decide which road to take…despite the many wrong turns I never lost sight of my final destination, of my daughter’s final destination…

Of course we are still on that trip today…

I always thought the mothering instinct meant you would never fail, you would forgive and forget immediately, you were completely selfless in the task of raising your children, that it was ALL ABOUT THEM….

None of which has happened in raising my children…raising my children has been a team effort, and I’m not referring to mom and dad working together for the children’s sake, noooo, the team is made up of my child and me working together to grow together, learning from each other, what benefits one benefits both and that overflows onto the rest of the family…

Right or wrong (depending on who you listen to or who you read) I think we’re on the correct path…

However, with my students, oh my goodness, I have been selfless, I have set them and their needs before mine, my time with them is for their growth…

I think they have felt the mothering because I know more than the stories and essays they write, I know about their broken families, I know about the phrases they hate most to hear at home, I know about how they are angry at everything even the fly that just flew by…aaarrrggghh… I have seen them get As and I have seen them at their most vulnerable… Fighting with the boyfriend… Suffering from pms… Trying to ignore an abusive remark, all in an attempt to be the bigger person… and I have felt my heart go out to each and every one of them…

I have been blessed with 2 biological and 20+ adoptive children

Mothering instinct or just plain love and profound belief in the incalculable potential of this wonderful being God has put in your hands and heart… our best efforts will be rewarded with the satisfaction of watching them grow into their best selves!

So Feliz Día de las Madres to me and to every mexican ‘madrecita’ (jejeje, inside joke) out there, hosting their own Mother’s Day Celebration

Happy Mothers Day lovely ladies of the WORLD!!
Hugs people!!!

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23 responses to “REACT…it’s DIA DE LAS MADRES

  1. Bienvenue à WordPress Zak… Je ne parle pas beaucoup française, mais je vais essayer de rèpondre á votre commentaire… Merci pour vos gentil mots…je vous souhaite bonne chance avec votre nouveau blog, Alexandra

  2. bonjour, je tenais à te feliciter pour la qualité des articles de ton blog ! je gère moi aussi un blog depuis peu et j’espère pouvoir faire aussi bien 🙂 A bientôt, ZAK

  3. You’re welcome. I enjoyed reading it. Look forward to more.

  4. It is so sweet of you to say this 🙂 My children are my children so I’ve got to do what i’ve got to do…however, my students are someone else’s children but I get the sense that at school they let their guard down and we get to relive our teenage years through them, the good, the bad and the ugly of this phase… thank you Fransi for giving my blog a bit of your time 🙂

  5. Not only are your children lucky, it sounds like your students are as well. Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. I watched/listened to 1,2,3 then skipped to Sir Ken Robinson’s… I love his style, it’s a lot like ours: funny, intelligent and extremely informative at the same time… Right?! Jajajaaa now all we neef are our honorary titles!

  7. We celebrate Teacher’s Day on May 15th and Student’s Day on the 24th so it’s quite a month, of course student’s day is celebrated during the whole week ending with a field trip to San Diego, CA to watch Billy Elliot at a local theatre, teacher’s get a cup with the school logo :/ glad I am not in it for the perks 🙂 happy mom/teacher’s day, big hug

  8. Happy Mother’s Day! Here in the States we have been celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week for the last 5 days, and now Mother’s Day tomorrow. I feel very blessed!

  9. I can bet that she is the very one reading this. Your daughter is probably the only one who can challenge you, but by then, you should have become the very best grand mother!
    Don’t bother searching anymore, my dear friend. Just keep becoming the best of yourself! 🙂
    You are the best!

  10. Happy Mother’s day, Alexandra. Who can be a better mother than the best teacher in the world? I wonder. I truly wonder!

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