ACT… EDITING the world

“One of my worst characteristics is my desire to fix things” declares RARASAUR, “I’m not talking about little things…No, I itch to change big things.

“Some days, what I want most is to be able to mark up the world with a big red editor’s pen.”

So you ALSO have one of those, my dear RARASAUR?

Just as you, I hold back because, well, who gave me the title of editor of the world?

Of course, If I could, I would not only circle or cross out many things, I’d also take a huge white out pen and erase all I deem as unacceptable and of little good to humanity…although I think anyone that could would do that and we’d agree on most of our white out targets…

But let me tell you what I’d like to edit from the face of this earth, or at least from the face of my community…

OK, for starters, this may not be the most important but it is what first came to mind because I was just talking about this with my daughter…I’d like to edit and add to my children’s school’s rules and regulations a ban against its students having a facebook account. I know, they are under age, how did they get their accounts in the first place?

I remember when I gave my daughter permission to activate her FB account (we were coming back home and that was the “most practical way to keep in touch” with her new friends from Mexico City) a friend sent me a message on my daughter’s bday saying that she didn’t know I had a 21 year old… I don’t, she used a false birthdate to get that thing activated…aaaaaaaaaaa… I do kick myself for having said yes :/ Or maybe I could just go back in time and edit that specific moment… HHHMMMM

After that, I’d like to edit most conversations I hear where people are trying to sound cultured and wise and are just blabbing whatever…I’d like to say CITE YOUR SOURCES MA’ AM/SIR! NO, THE NEIGHBOR IS NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE… GO BACK AND DO SOME RESEARCH AND COME BACK WHEN YOU’VE GOT YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, thank you!

And that applies to many of my hometown’s newspaper reporters… such nonsense and most people get their information from them…

I’d like to go to every family’s home and edit their calendar by erasing poker game and mani-pedi and adding: have a chat with my son/daughter about accountability and the consequences to their actions both good and bad…today a girl from 6th semester was openly, in front of me, persuading her classmates to not turn in the homework she had not done and telling the teacher she had never asked for it, assuring her classmates that it was easy to make the teacher believe the story because she has such a bad memory… Mom, Dad, please!!!

However, I am not the ideal person to throw the first stone, if I were true to the editing process I believe in I’d walk around with big red marks on my mouth, for speaking out of place…on my eyes, for rolling them when I don’t agree…on my hands, for texting when I’m not supposed to (during a conference, oops!)…on my head, for cursing (in my thoughts) at anyone who gets in my way…

“In other words, sometimes it’s best to put down the red pen, and pick up a magical purple crayon,” concludes RARASAUR

So, yes, maybe a magical purple crayon would be a nicer approach…instead of subtracting, I’d be adding…adding something good in the midst of all the not so good…

Jajajajaaaa now this I have to really think about…because it’s much easier to identify the bad and feel as if you are humanity’s salvation from stupidity, immaturity and grammar mistakes than to give selflessly and hope for the best…

thanks for the prompt RARASAUR,


hugs people!!

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11 responses to “ACT… EDITING the world

  1. But I took it back… I’ve sent good posts to the trash before and have regretted it, this one was a close contender exactly because of what you mention, but I posted it and took everything back in the end… It came out good, still I am not one to flaunt my critical side, I consciously repress it as much as I can (leaving only my unrelentless self-critical personality on the loose)… Thank you Frizz for pointing this out

  2. Hmmm, I can think of a few instances when I’d like to get out a big red pen myself. Great post.

  3. If we are so hooked into correcting then, in all fairness, we should start with ourselves, right? They (people who study this) say that people’s actions are a reflection of ouselves, hhhmmm, so I’ve earned my red marks… Complicated stuff, let’s stick to the magical purple marker 🙂

  4. I am ateacher that has not read enough real literature so my interpretation came from a very simple mind… However I appreciate your explanation infinitely:) and am enthralled by your interpretation…this is like one of the zillions of pandora’s boxes that my mind holds and now you have opened it, I just hope I have the time to look into this and specially read Goethe to fully grasp his view on doubt and belief…

  5. The way I understood it is that no one needs any help to doubt. We can do that perfectly by ourselves. Sometimes, even with hardly any provocation.

    But to believe, we need to be aided by our senses, by our environment, and the people that surround us. Often, we have to be challenged to do so.

    Our world right now could be easily filled with so much doubt and hate and all that negativity. “Positivity” takes more work but its effect on the world and the people make it worth while.

  6. Your post reminded me of a quote I came across a few years ago:

    “If you must tell me your opinions, tell me what you believe in. I have plenty of doubts of my own.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  7. I turn the red pen on myself, too! I think we all are our own hardest critics. 🙂

    Also, I think I went to school with that girl, haha! There always seems to be one in the bunch.

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