WP DP…can I give you a little piece of advice my blogger bro?

Life doesn’t come with an instruction booklet…

Parenting doesn’t come with an instruction booklet…

Blogging… well…DOES come with an instruction booklet and we are constantly consulting it in our efforts to be better…but better compared to what? most of the time these guides and how-tos are put together by experienced bloggers that either have their blog as a business or as part of their business…and, what if we just blog to free up some space in the brain, or as therapy, or just because we have time and like writing? You know, for FUN…

The lovely people at WP posed this question for us today: Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.

I felt I had little to say on this so I just started reading other bloggers’ responses (and commenting, of course!)…and, although I was far from reading them all, I collected some of the most DOWN-TO-EARTH, AS-REAL-AS-IT-GETS, FROM-THE-HEART recommendations, that very few experienced bloggers give out…

Read on and please click on the advice to go to the full post!!!

“Don’t treat your stats as numbers, treat them as individual people.” via  The Magic Black Book

So true, I’ve been blogging for a little less than two years and this is one of the aspects that has kept me going when I am in doubt: there is someone out there reading me!

“If you aren’t including yourself in your writing, then there is nothing about that writing to make it stand out from the crowds of blogs that other people have written.” via  Travellin’ Thru Rambles 

Wow! This is so true… That is the key to doing something unique. thank you, Alexandra Oh no, I agree, now the interesting part is to find in a normal, ordinary life those moments or thoughts that make it extraordinary or, better yet, highlight the normalcy in a way that you make the reader feel right at home when reading your blog… 

“Fill your blog with things that matter.” via Write My Brains Out

I agree, even if at first it only matters to you, your writing voice, you special wording or way of expressing yourself will eventually find a kindred heart, a like-minded soul… While that happens, you are keeping a beautiful record of this moment in your life… 

“Yes I too get days where i don’t want to blog, or have nothing to blog about. The Daily post has been a godsend to me in that regard. I have loved the challenge of the Prompts.”via Family Photos Food & Craft

Totally, the daily prompts are quite a boost on those uninspired days when the urge and time to write is there but the good ideas aren’t… :)

“By reading news, posts, and other blogs, you not only increase someone’s stats or contribute to the site but you also enrich your vocabulary, refresh your perspective, and possibly even broaden your horizon.” via Like Reading On Trains 

As I read my favorite blogs I wish I had the opportunity to write every time another blog post inspires me…reading, be it other bloggers or your current novel, taps into some hidden, unexplored part of your brain and discovers wonders you never knew you could create…

“I spike my blogs with humour sometimes…”via AngloSwiss 

Oh yes, I do that, I even do that in real life, I think it might be some kind of nervous reaction on my part looking to get a reaction on your part… although, most of the time i just laugh at myself when writing and not wait for someone to “jajaja” me back… I like that blogger cocktail: real life philosophy juice spiked with humor!

“When I write, I write with respect for my reader. You do not have to share my point of view.  I tell it like I experience it, and you are more than welcome to have another, totally different interpretation than me.” via The Rider

Absolutely! The blogosphere occupies such a huge chunk of space making it impossible and unrealistic to expect every one to agree with us, although there are some basic truths or values, like RESPECT, with which we’ll find an overwhelming amount of like-minded souls to share with… aside from this, every other topic is open for civilized discussion…

“Hook your audience with a photo.” via Disappearing In Plain Sight

aaajajajaaa fabulous!! and so true, my theme requires a featured image to show on the home page for each post so i always do that plus, I’m a very visual person and can’t imagine one of my posts without at least a thumbnail of something

and finally…

“Blog like nobody’s watching, reading or judging. Just blog!” via Words of Autumn 

Jajajaaa…that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 2  years…I have no idea if this disregard has been the reason for my slow growth in followers but I do know that it has helped me find my true reasons for writing a blog and feel sure, even come to enjoy my writing voice…

Anyway… all good advice, right!

We are part of a lovely sharing community here at WP…

Hope you get a chance to visit these posts and get the full story…

Hugs people

btw, featured image from culpwrit

20 responses to “WP DP…can I give you a little piece of advice my blogger bro?

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  2. My advice: You’ll never be sure what readers will resonate with, so don’t try and 2nd guess. Be yourself and your followers will stay. 🙂

  3. Thank you Laura for considering my post worth sharing with your readers…I’m so glad you enjoyed the read!! hope you have a chance to visit the different blogs for the full post!!

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