REACT…La Llamada de Extorsión…THE EXTORTION CALL

Today, I’m also sharing something I wrote a while back… when I was still living in Mexico City

“Mom, mom, help me please! Some men have me trapped in their van and they want to talk to you!” said the voice…clearly a young man…”who is this?” I asked “mom, help me please, talk to them!””who is this?” I asked again…

Last night, a family from this fire-breathing dragon of a city became the victim of extortion of the worst kind. I know, any kind is awful, complete and absolute abuse, but when the extortionist use a family member, to be precise, one of your children as bait, well, to me this tops the list.

You may be wondering how I know this, how can I say with so much certainty that this happened. Sadly, because it’s a fact in this place, it happens every day, it’s so common that it only hits the news when it has happened to a well-known person. But last night it didn’t happen to a person in politics, or to someone from the showbiz scene, or a wealthy entrepreneur, NO, it happened to a person as ordinary as you and me.

So if it happened to John and Jane Doe’s family, then how do I know?

Because the extortionist called my home first. Now that is a phone call only prayer stopped from being repeated in my mind over and over again. It was terrible. Up to now, I had thought that the worse phone call I could receive had been when my mom called me, 11 years ago, to tell me my grandmother had just passed away. That phone call totally paralyzed me, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move.

But last night, I wanted to scream, I wanted to run; thank God my husband was next to me. When i realized what the call was about, I hung up and immediately felt the room spin. I caught my breath and told my husband what had just happened, what the voice had said…and suddenly, the phone rang again, this time he lifted the receiver and hug up without saying anything. I didn’t understand what he had done or why, he just turned to me and said, with all the peace he could gather, “they won’t call again” … and they didn’t. We just sat there, me crying and him holding me tight, as if he were  trying to squeeze those awful images and the sound of the young man’s voice out of my head.

They use a young person, a teenage boy in this case, and have him ask for help from whoever answers the phone call…when he heard a woman’s voice he immediately said MOM… all the while all I could think was why is he calling me MOM if both my children are in bed in the room next to ours?…plus far from being the age he sounds like…How did they get my phone number?…Are they watching us?… Are we in danger?…Are our children in danger?…

I think my husband knew what was going through my mind… “Cielo, they just start dialing numbers and go for it at the first sound of a voice on the other end of the line…this wasn’t intended for us…they won’t call again, I promise” “Yeah” I thought, “but they will give it another try and maybe the next person that answers does have a teenage boy who went out with his friends tonight and hasn’t gotten home yet, and all hell will break loose in that family”

this hasn’t happened again

later I found out that there is a phone number we’re supposed to call,

from there they track the call and do what has to be done to those people

The Extortion Call…a true story

in response to the Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller

hugs people

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10 responses to “REACT…La Llamada de Extorsión…THE EXTORTION CALL

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  2. thanks Judy! you can imagine my reaction every time the phone rang specially when my children were not with me… it’s just sad to be witnessing these types of crimes and the suffering families go through… anyway 🙂 happy to read your comment and thanks for taking the time, read you soon, Alexandra

  3. A very scary experience and you told it well. I’ve read in the news about these kind of things happening. Grandparents have victimized, too. It’s outrageous what some folks will go thru to extort money. I’m glad your husband was there with you and that you did not get a repeat call.

  4. In Mexico City it’s the complexity, and the speed at which it is expected that we drive…here in my hometown it’s the absence of signs plus my city has grown exponentially in a short time so there are parts I have never been to much less in the peak hours of traffic… Thank you for being concerned for my safety Teecee… Here people justvlaugh when you say you got lost of course they’ve never been lost with your children in Mexico City, that is scary!! 🙂

  5. Sure, my dear friend. I’ll be back for the full story. I’m all eyes and ears, waiting for the next post.
    I’m glad you found your way to safety and I’m still curious to know what makes the chances of getting lost quite high in your area.
    Is it about the population of people or about the complexity of road networks?
    Aren’t streets labelled or are there no road signs with directions.
    Don’t people help with directions…?
    I’ve got a lot on my mind, basically concerning your safety.
    Are there precautionary measures you can take?
    I can bet that your husband would give you some good tips. Please stay safe, you mean much!
    I’ll patiently wait for the full story.

  6. Thank you Teecee 🙂 yesterday I did feel that horrible anxiety and exasperation that overcame me every time I’d get lost in Mexico City start to creep in, but I reminded myself, this is your hometown, anyone will gladly point you in the right direction and you’ve got people here that can come to your rescue, you are not alone this time… I placed all my faith in my internal compass and headed back to school… I’m putting a post together because it was a learning moment for me, hope you come back for the full story 😉

  7. Being lost several times?
    And even getting lost today?
    That’s very surprising and I’m sure you know how curious I am to hear the story.
    Patience is on virtue you so easily exude, I’ll take after you as regards patience on this matter. 🙂
    Please do stay safe because you mean so much to your family, your students, our generation, the blogosphere and me!
    Have a nice night.

  8. Thank you Teecee…this was one of the most mortifying experiences I had in Mexico City along with being lost several times in that concrete jungle…you can imagine our happiness at being back in our hometown ( though I did get lost today, but that’s a whole other story, jejeje) big hug to you too 🙂

  9. Good gracious!
    I practically had my heart in my hands while I read through. I’m glad it turned out fine. Your husband is such a darling.
    You are a writer of some sort. An exceptionally creative writer, artist, teacher and much more.
    Hugs, my dear friend! Extend to husband and kids.

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