ACT … and so I did!


It’s Monday… the day I gather enough strength to get through because the rest of the week depends on me starting and finishing the day, and so I did

I got up, made coffee, got my children ready for school and myself ready for work…

with conscious reminders to take deep breaths, deep renewing breaths…and so I did

I got to school, first class…don’t forget to breathe

second class, don’t forget to breathe

third class -two hours-, don’t forget to breatheand so I did, and I was done, my work day was over

I got home, with hungry children waiting for lunch, don’t forget to breathe

but now, my breaths were to cleanse my body, to relieve it of the pressures of the day…

lunch time was soon over, I cleared the table and looked at the sink full of dirty dishes, don’t forget to breathe

my husband saw me breathing slowly looking for relief and offered me a place next to him on the sofa and said, “why don’t you breathe while you close your eyes and give your feet a rest” …

“I can’t” I said, “what if I can’t get up after this break! what if I don’t want to get up after this break?”…

“what if we give it a try!” he insisted… and so I did

and I breathed and I drifted slowly and I heard everything but I did nothing, I just breathed… 

15 minutes must have passed

among all those voices, my children, my husband, the neighbor’s playing outside I perceived a rhythmic sound,

once, twice, I know that sound, what is that sound?… I heard it once more

one quick and deep breath…“my phone, it’s my phone”, I said to myself as I heard it for the last time…

my eyes and mouth opened at the same time, my eyes looking for my phone and my mouth alerting everyone IT’S MY PHONE…

“You fell asleep mom” … “dad, mom never falls asleep in the afternoon, she resists feeling tired until she overcomes it and gets through the day without stopping… you convinced her to stop and her phone convinced her to get up”


in response to WP Weekly Writing Challenge: PERSON, PLACE, THING

starring as the PERSON: my husband, as the PLACE: our sofa, and as the THING:  my phone


Thanks WP, hugs people!

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4 responses to “ACT … and so I did!

  1. Aaajajajaa, yes, your phone got me thinking… I just re-read mine…I went out on a limb with this… But I’m leaving it as is, that’s the way it came out… :/ I really do hope you are inspired soon to write another short story, like the one before this one about the brother and sister, jajajaaaa that was really fun to read 🙂

  2. Beautiful one, my friend! 🙂
    “my husband offered me a place by his side”
    That definitely is a refreshing location, I wasn’t surprised it got you sleeping in the afternoon.
    I’m glad that your phone also featured in the cast. My phone was also the thing.
    I enjoyed your details. You are also great with stories!

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