THINK… about 3 years after THE DAY

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Several years ago, on a day like today, April 4 th ,2010 to be precise, on Easter Sunday my family and many others were enjoying (a bit too much… we didn’t even make it to Church) our stay-cation while others were on their way back to the city from the nearby beach towns, travelling down from the Rumorosa mountains when at 3:40pm our city and all others within a 50+ km radius were hit by an unforgettable (because as much as I’ve tried, I can not forget it) 7.2 degree earthquake….it was felt as far north, in the USA, as Los Angeles, California…and as far south, in Mexico, as Ensenada, Baja California

It had all started on February 8th with more than 500 earthquakes varying in magnitude were felt in a short period  called an earthquake swarm (enjambre sísmico in Spanish)
It did not stop, from then up to last year…I left for Mexico City in 2010 but every time we’d come back to visit, rain or shine ( though it was mostly shine) summer or winter we’d be welcomed by an earthquake…wow, one never gets used to it!

In Mexico City we also felt several but not like the ones felt at home… People, including myself, felt we would lose our minds, people stopped sleeping…or they’d sleep in their cars for months, outside their homes…the city hospital was in ruins… The highway that comes down from the Rumorosa mountains into the city had been cut into several pieces… I remember hearing moms say to each other,”I can’t take this anymore!”…day after day, which turned into months and then years of the earth shaking beneath our feet
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I remember I said to my children, to notice that there’s a pattern, as the sun gets to the highest point in the sky, when we feel the most heat during the day, that’s when its going to hit…and we’ll make-believe we’re in the movie Mary Poppins when then Admiral would blast the cannon at twelve and every one would run to their post and hold on to the vase or the mirror, the statue or the clock…that’s what well do! My God… after that we’d sit to have lunch without really being hungry, with our stomachs in our throat, feeling nervous, desperate, sad…when will this end?
It finally did…I suspect the fault in our agricultural valley which had been the host to all this had finally let off all its energy FOR NOW (I need to be realistic this is a seismic zone and we only get breathers from this but we’ll never be rid of it). The fault that has been acting up is a bit north of us and not a big one, though it is felt in the towns over and near it, we feel those too but not as horribly as when the fault is in “our backyard”

My son recently asked me what month came after March, I answered April and then he lowered his head and almost whipering asked “April is the month when earthquakes hit right?” Of course I wanted to say: Primero Dios, NO! But I’m not bringing the Lord into this because I don’t need to confuse my children and have them think that God sends us these things that take away our peace of mind…so I just said, no sweetheart, earthquakes hit when the earth has some energy to liberate…much like when you eat beans…and he replied, of course it’s not like when I eat beans, the earth shakes because its tectonic plates collide! OH, and that too, I said…

So apparently this isn’t a simple topic and children aren’t expecting a simplistic answer…

they want facts and the fact is that I PRAY TO GOD FOR MORE TIME TO LIVE PEACEFULLY free from the shaking and quaking

Happy Spring, Hugs people!!

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6 responses to “THINK… about 3 years after THE DAY

  1. que tu boca sea de profeta… it’s a saying we often use when we hope a person’s words become true, it roughly translates to: may your words be prophetic…300 years that would mean that my generation, my children and their children’s generation would live peacefully, earthquake free 🙂 thank you for the wonderful prediction

  2. “… felt we would lose our minds, people stopped sleeping…or they’d sleep in their cars for months, outside their homes…the city hospital was in ruins…” – I hope you will have no more earthquakes in the future, the next should be in 300 years …

  3. The experts say, give them information that’s at their level of understanding, but now a days, their level of understanding exceeds what was expected of their age (when I was their age…) so less sweet-talking on the important stuff…facts and a child-friendly link and they are set to lecture me 🙂

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