ACT…towards your goals using MINDFULNESS

Now that many of us are enjoying a Spring Break, taking a breather from our daily routines, I am thinking that this exercise would be quite appropriate…

This calligraphy is of the Chinese character for Mindfulness from

With the authorization of my good friend, blogger, writer, artist Stuart Young I am sharing with you this post, part of his course (which you get free when you buy a copy his book…available here: )

I am not an expert so I won’t be adding my usual two cents, besides Stu is great at guiding you through his exercises 🙂 so I’ll just limit myself to sharing the info with you…

here goes…



How do-able is this? VERY

I know nothing about meditation and I think I may be one of the most absentminded people I know, BUT, I did do a bit of a www-research on the topic of VISION BOARDS, because I am absentminded (OH, I HAD ALREADY SAID THAT!), very visual and an incorrigible dreamer, so making a VISION BOARD is just the exercise I need to start materializing my dreams…

Well, me research took me to where I found two fabulous pieces of info on this:


1. What The Heck’s A Vision Board—and How Can It Change Your Life? where we can understand the power of a well made VISION BOARD and how to achieve it…of course this is for those of us who enjoy the arts and crafts part of this, but if you don’t, don’t despair…

there’s this other option

2. O Dream Board: Envision Your Best Life™ here you can log in and make your own vision board on the Oprah site…it’s just about uploading images…and I know you’ve got them on Pinterest, right?!

Now that we’ve got our vision boards ready we can go back and follow Stu’s step by step meditation to a a more mindful and focused YOU & ME…

Hope you click on over and get Stuart Young’s book “How To Change Your Life One Day At A TimeHERE

OOOH, he sent YOU a message:
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He’ll get you thinking about stuff and changing your view on life one day at a time…
Hugs people!!

btw, rock images from here, here, and here  


7 responses to “ACT…towards your goals using MINDFULNESS

  1. Stu, I’m so happy you liked it 🙂 I had only read it as an antonym for absentmindedness, but recently found it to be a kind of ‘trend’ (or how can I call it?) it is very interesting…I have been meaning to make a space in my class program to have my 6th semester students (they are about to finish highschool and start university next August) make a vision board, though I feel a bit wary about messing it up but at the same time my inner voice says HOW CAN YOU MESS IT UP? Jajajaaaa I want to read more about it so that the exercise is worth the time and the students enjoy the ‘magic’ it can bring to their lives

  2. Beautiful. Thanks Alexandra. The Vision Board is also part of the program! This Mindfulness really does work – but only if practised. Some of the best experiences in life take some work. Stu 🙂

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