REACT… to perfection

Perfection is,


a state of completeness and flawlessness.

…”perfection” derives from the Latin “perfectio“… “perfect” — from “perfectus.”

These expressions in turn come from “perficio” — “to finish”, “to bring to an end.” “Perfectio(n)” thus literally means “a finishing”, and “perfect(us)” — “finished”

A few days ago, as I was about to leave for work, I was doing my rounds checking doors and windows to be sure they were locked…checking the doors to my garden, I noticed my rose bush had several lovely roses looking straight at me, flirting with me I’d say 🙂 of course, I got my pruning scissors and cut some for me and some for the principal’s office…

All of them were lovely, some more than others…the ones I cut from the outside of the bush were a bit brown on the “rims of the petals”, however, the ones I cut from the inside of the bush (you can imagine what my hands and arms looked like after doing such a thing…) were PERFECT…

So I divided them up, some not so perfect for me, some not so perfect for school…some perfect for me, some perfect for school and made a travelling vase (ziploc baggy with water in it).

The flowers were received with such amazement, still I apologized for the ones with the brown rims, explaining what I thought was the reason for the difference between them…

As I finished “apologizing” a teacher said: “If this to you isn’t perfection (referring to the brownish detail), then I can only imagine what you expect from your students!”

Oops! I thought…I had my own bout with “the idea and pursuit of the always elusive ‘perfection'” a long time ago and I learned my lesson: … 


So, I answered,” oh, I expect only PERFECTION from them!”

And I do…but not the level of perfection a specialist gives, but the level of perfection in which, it is quite obvious, they give their all to the task at hand not a mediocre attempt at doing the job… Although, I would never qualify/grade a student’s work as PERFECT or IMPERFECT because we have this idea of PERFECTION as an unreal expectation and a completely subjective view of a level of quality…From that perspective this label would always be unfair…

Perfection (I have noticed) is what we often call

the level of quality that exceeds

our capacity to understand

and our abilities to achieve…

why do we see perfection as such an elusive state?

An UNREAL expectation?

When PERFECTION  literally means…

“a finishing” , “to bring to an end” …

TO COMPLETE A TASK where the state in which

it is completed will not define it as good or bad…


just because it is complete…

However, the point at which something is considered complete

is very subjective …

only YOU decide at what point

a job has reached the level of completeness

differing from one person to another and

depending on their personal achievement standards…

anyway, don’t shy away from perfection….just be true to yourself, recognize and embrace your abilities, as well as your limitations and there you’ll find your PERFECT self…You’ll have identified your own concept of PERFECTION…go for it!

hugs people

btw, text background and featured image from robinjoann.blogspot


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