BEING 40…and finally taking a short cut

FINALLY…after many well intentioned people suggesting over and over again, last week I made the decision…

I approached the Computer Sciences teacher and asked him to teach me how to use EXCEL…jajajaaa I know, you thought it was something extreme…hhmmm, in a way it is to me!

I’ve been a teacher since the day after I got my Architecture degree…how long ago was that you ask? eons ago!

and ever since I’ve been calculating my students grades, percentages and averages with a regular old fashioned calculator

fellow teachers would pass by and see me doing two or three calculations per student and wonder why?

some would caringly say, “You know, Excel is the best tool for that, you should try it!”

And I’d ALWAYS reply, “You think?! I’ve never tried it, I guess this has worked so far, but thank you for the suggestion!”

Report cards came and went and there I sat, crunching away at the numbers on my faithful, long time companion, the calculator…

My evaluation criteria grew in categories as I studied more about the writing process and I started wishing for a faster more effective way to get things done… I stopped checking at my desk in the office because I’d be surrounded by such a mess of papers and my fuming calculator in hand…it was a sad thing to watch and sadder to be in :/

So, at home, among my organized caos I’d hear my inner voice saying, “You know, Excel is the best tool for that, you should try it!

And I’d ALWAYS reply, “QUIET, can’t you see I’m busy…aaaah now I don’t know what the total was, sh&^* I need to start again!”

EXCEL, the short cut …

On Thursday, the day before all my students turned in their essays, I learned EXCEL… and I learned fast…I knew what I wanted after having done it all my life; it felt so natural and clear… I laughed at how I had been dreading the formulas all this time…


the sun shined through the grey clouds and illuminated my overwhelmed soul… dramatic, just a bit! but it did feel like that…

Thank you Profe Uli…and thank you, sensible side of me I rarely listen to, you have saved me from my own self-imposed over-complicated ways

Of course, it didn’t happen until I decided for it to happen and I’m not going to kick myself for not having done it sooner…it happened when it had to, and that’s that!

this is the good side of 40, you thank God for lighting that little bulb over your head (the AH-HA! MOMENT Oprah talks about) and don’t dwell on the time passed (or lost on old, stale ways) and I’m really enjoying it (and so happy the bulb still works!)

hugs people and, if you’re 40 or 40+, please be patient with yourselves

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14 responses to “BEING 40…and finally taking a short cut

  1. I too, am scared of excel – well anything with columns and numbers does it for me really – so well done on that. I did learn Spanish (for quite a few years) and even sat some exams but haven’t used it for a while (you might have noticed that too) but isn’t it great when you learn something and can actually USE it to make your life easier? I think so.

  2. 🙂 my parents and I are now also at a point in life where the advice, coming from one side (either of them) or the other (me) has equal value… Your experience is very similar to what I guide my mom to try (my dad is an over analyzer like me and has found his own way to life long learning) recommending books or just passing on bits and pieces of cool info to keep her updated on things not particular to her personal interests just for the sake of learning something new everyday… A relationship like the one you have with your daughter with learning and discovery as a connection I feel is very unique and valuable…I hope I achieve that with my own children 🙂 thank you so much Frizztext for visiting my blog and making that connection with me, read you soon!

  3. Great! That’s the part of you I admire most; the humble, teachable, inquisitive part.
    That’s also the part that makes life both beautiful and less complicated.
    I’m happy for you, my friend! 🙂

  4. Thank you sweetheart!! Definitivamente hay que buscar aprender algo nuevo cada día le da más sentido y valor al tiempoque va volando…Happy Weekend to you too my dearest!! (Btw, let me try with this month’s evaluation and then I will teach you instead of making you dread it)

  5. Maybe you can teach me. I know very basic stuff but no formulas. Very proud of you. Como dice nuestra santa, Martha Stewart: learn something new every day. Happy Friday my dear!

  6. The day you find yourself in the very special circumstances where you need help in simplifying your methods… For me, it had been a while since I had had 4 groups at school, so those were my special circumstances 🙂 Thank you Stu

  7. He he! Timing is ALWAYS perfect. I still haven’t got my head around Excel and I’m older than you by quite a way – one day, one day! 🙂

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