I think that, on days like today, an xray of my brain would look like this!

Haphazard, colorful, explosion of lovely…

I got to my desk this morning and found my students’ Creativity Workshop projects

greeting me and wishing me a very colorful day

young hands making string art

I may not have my painting classes but tapping into these teenagers’ creativity may be even better…

I got my children’s report cards and happy to say that both made the honor roll

(again, though I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing straight As, THANK YOU GOD!!!)…

and finally,

GOOGLE’s very COOL doodle

Día internacional de la mujer


a day full of amazing images

hugs people

2 responses to “REACT… to CONFETTI

  1. I trust we all show our gratitude every single day of the year for the good that makes us feel fulfilled and the bad that makes us grow and challenges us to become better🙂 CREATIVITY a magical trait we all possess but few acknowledge…it’s a treasured moment to watch a student discover it in themselves… Happy to read your comment Teecee, thank you

  2. Beautiful, colourful and interesting! That’s how lovely creativity can be, even from the youngest of minds. We’ve all got some beauty inside of us to express and a lot outside of us to admire!
    Cheers to the women and their day, I trust you’ve all got some reason to be grateful.🙂
    Lovely post!

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