ACT… I’m not a teacher, but I play one on TV


Really, you are the teacher? You look like one of us…

this was the first comment I got, when I started teaching, about my looks, my way of acting, about ME…

Ok, I looked them straight in their ‘honest’ faces, what do you want? I asked, because this could not be a compliment, or maybe they were just stating what seemed strange to them and I was over analyzing it…

Even back then, about 10 years ago, it sounded funny because I was more than 15 years their elder… I had no real explanation for it, good genes, I guess… and an absolute resistance to adulthood which came through in my clothes: khakis, white or some logo t-shirt, puma sneakers, pony tail… No skirts, no high heels, no well done hair-do…

Ok, from there I got:

You look like my aunt, teacher…can I call you aunt Ale?

Of course…NOT! I’m teacher Ale…

Though they’d still call me, without thinking, AUNT…

That was when I was in my thirties… Now, the comparisons have changed, however they have not lost their charm

Now, they’ve surveyed de class and unanimously decided that

I look and act like the teacher in the tv series Pretty Little Liars

(I don’t watch tv, so I’ve taken it as a compliment….jajaaa…)

Another group agreed that

I look like the rich mother on the tv series Gossip Girl… :/

Oh my goodness, I can’t help worrying about what my students are watching on tv just by reading the names of the shows, though they are watching tv in English which is good

A boy says

I dress architecturally, a term his friend translated into VERY COLOR COORDINATED AND BALANCED…

A girl pointed out once, while I was checking her draft that

I had more eyelashes on one eye than on the other…


Girls have asked if

I braid my hair by myself…


And, just today I got one that really surprised me and don’t know what to make of it…
A girl said,

“teacher, when I’m in your class I feel that there are cameras, that the class is being taped and that we are on tv, you are the leading actress and we are all being watched by millions…tell me the truth teacher, are we being recorded?”

I just stood there, waiting for something smart to come out of my mouth…NOTHING, jajajaaaaa

Will that ever be topped? 

I will gladly hang around to find out

they (I don’t know exactly who..) say that children say the darndest things…well, let me tell you that TEENAGERS AREN’T THAT FAR BEHIND… you gotta love’em 🙂

Hugs people

btw, featured retro tv image


4 responses to “ACT… I’m not a teacher, but I play one on TV

  1. Could that be it?! Could it be that some how I’ve made them realize that this isn’t a game, that their acts have consequences, that they are part of the big picture… Wishful thinking! Though I do hope you are right Teecee 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging words

  2. Nice post, my friend! Sometime in future, when the recorded tape will be played, the world will stir at you in amazement.
    Eyes are watching. Children sense them! 🙂

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