REACT…to TED’s winning proposal

Hi everyone, just a fun update in case you aren’t subscribed to TEDblog, let me pass this on…

photo (1)

Yesterday the winning conference was uploaded to the TED site…OOOOOHHHH I do very much recommend it, it’s informative, very innovative, quite unexpected and it’s even FUNNY at times 🙂


If your life’s vocation is to teach then I recommend you have a pencil and paper handy because he gives some tips to consider in this need to update/renovate the teaching process…


This visualization of Mitra’s talk was created by Gavin Blake of Fever Picture, a collection of scribes and graphic facilitators who translate conferences into the universal language of image. via TED blog click to go there…

And, last but not least, taking advantage of our interest in the topic, TED invited Mitra to put together a list of his 5 favorite TEDtalks on EDUCATION… must see people!!!

oh,oh, the first one by Sir Ken Robinson: SCHOOLS KILL CREATIVITY… is GREAT…so funny and eye opening, it makes you think and puts our own work as teachers under the microscope… please watch it…

“If a man speaks his mind in the forest and nobody hears him,

is he still wrong?”

quoting Sir Ken Robinson from TEDtalk

I’m watching them again!!!!

People, become a subscriber and a fan if you aren’t already…there’s always something to discover whatever your interests are

hugs 🙂

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