THINK…breathe and watch a TEDtalk before you spill your guts‏

Anyway, I had written a self-pity post, feeling so sorry for myself and quite pissed…just as I finished writing and sent you all hugs I got distracted by an update in my WP reader. It was from TED2013. They had been updating all day but I couldn’t get a good connection at school so I missed some really good conferences, among them the one by Bono from U2 talking about “factivism” (I like the term) and his work fighting hunger, thou i did read about it on the TEDblog, not the same but it will have to do until they upload the complete conference…then came another update really close to the last one giving us a heads up to the live feed from TED2013 where they give the 1 million dollar award to the best idea submitted in the contest…wooohooo I had to watch that (1 million times better than the Oscars,that’s for sure) so I clicked on and watched more than 5 conferences (Make the Most of Your 2os by Meg Jay…very insightful) including the winner Sugata Mitra with his idea A School in the Cloud
my goodness, such brilliant ideas, so inspiring, so, so… I don’t know… enlightening, yes, that’s the word ENLIGHTENING!

and then my iPad’s battery ran out, jajajaaa no prob! I had watched the winner and taken so many notes from this and other conferences

When I plugged in the iPad I realized how good I felt (and that I had not published my sad excuse for a post, thanks for the save TED)…I had been listening to interesting, intelligent people make persuasive proposals all for our benefit…and I thought, wow, to be a ted speaker…sigh

Ok, back to reality… why had I been in such a sour mood earlier? think, think… then I got it… I had been feeling underappreciated at home, a bit taken for granted…yes, they don’t know who they’ve got washing they dirty socks and making their meals, helping out with homework and kissing them good night…but I’m not going to tell them, they’ll eventually find out…

For now, having watched these TEDtalks fed my brain with wonderful food for thought and my soul with new-found possibilities (the possibility of having something so good to share that I might one day be a TED speaker) and a replenished faith in people’s unselfish interest in others’ wellbeing, be it emotional, academic, physical…

Something else my sour mood let me confirm is how much I need my daily inspirational reads posted by my dear blogger friends!

MORALEJA…or MORAL OF THE STORY: feed yourself before biting others’ heads off…and TED was on the menu!

hugs people

4 responses to “THINK…breathe and watch a TEDtalk before you spill your guts‏

  1. Thank you Stu 🙂 yes, i did wallow in it a bit, even wrote a whole post…but writing has this power to cleanse the mind and soul, it was kind of magical, it was like letting out an awful hobgoblin torturing my mood command central…i let it out, in fact by writing i made it into something concrete and was able to see its face and shoo it away…it’s like the exercise of writing and throwing the paper inthe trash or burning it, right? Intelligent people talking about intelligent, stuff was the lollipop that brought the smile back to my face and heart… 🙂

  2. Ohhhhh Alexandra. How many of us have been where you were? ALL of us. I love this post. Let’s make sure that we acknowledge our feelings, even when they’re negative. They are part of who we are – but they don’t have to BE who we are. When we feel sad – feel sad. When we feel underappreciated – feel underappreciated. Allow it. Notice it. Be aware of our thoughts while we wallow. Then, say ENOUGH. Back to living, back to life – find something beautiful, wonderful or inspiring and pick yourself back up. Lovely, thanks Alexandra. 🙂

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