14 responses to “REACT…to old friendships

  1. It will go well, my dear. To know what you want is already a good start and at the ripe time, you’ll express the fruits you’ve cherished.
    I wish you all the best with all your endeavors.

  2. I understand what you mean, my friend!
    Certains stones can kill more than one bird in a single shot.
    Each person is made unique and has special unique spots that can ignite a spark or quench blazing flames.
    Such spots could come in different forms to different people.
    You seem to miss your new found love (painting) so much, or is it enticing you once again?
    You are a gifted teacher, maybe this painting has some unique innovation to introduce. Who knows what would come up next?

  3. I’m in a moment right now where I want to translate feelings into color… or maybe not translate but just let go of this something-something on a canvas… I miss that way of expressing myself, that secret code I’d use that would serve as catharsis for me and visual enjoyment for others…

  4. I am glad that you got the comfort you needed. You are a vessel full of inspiration. Peaceful minds only resonate with liberal hearts. You are uniquely endowed with both creativity and generousity. Old friends may become obsolete, as the name implies, but their deposits remain in both memory and behaviour. Your paint brushes seem to be exceptionally inspiring friends! 🙂

  5. teaching had been my creative expression before I started painting… and I’m eager to see what I can get from this overwhelming feeling of need… but, and this is going to sound like a clichè…I have not had the ideal circumstances to unpavk and st out ALL my stuff and just paint… I know, the ideal circumstances like the ones I had in Mexico City in the studio with lovely music and lighting and friends is hard to come by… so I need to make due with what I’ve got or get accustomed to the need until I don’t feel it anymore and I don’t want that… how are you coping Stu?

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  7. Who I have become today is as a result of the virtues I picked from every experience and relationship through the ages. Friends contribute a lot to our learning. Sometimes, through their sacrifice or commitment, at other times, through their negligence or self-centredness. But we learn all the same.
    Sometimes we loose contact, but we hold them precious in our memory.
    Lovely post! Enough inspiration for my next post! 🙂

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