Flangiprop (v): to define something that doesn’t exist.

used in a sentence

I have been trying to flangiprop all day and have had no luck.

The candidate dropped out of the race when he was caught flangipropping during the televised debate.


The ethymology is unknown, (despite infinite flangipropping by the language speciallists) .

(pol, eco) Some say it’s a secret strategy used in politics and economics.

(med) Due to the strenuous activity to which the brain is subjected when flangipropping, it is now an important exercise for all those suffering from CHRONIC lapsus brutus (very frequent lapses in mental ability). Though a warning has been given to not try this at home and to consult a physician in case you notice yourself unconsciously flangipropping. It could be a sign of a recently identified ailment in its testing stages provisionally named doctorseusittis.

personal note: Flangipropping, not good for your image or for your mental health, consult with your doctor


in response to today’s DAILY PROMPT

hugs people


10 responses to “DISCOVER…FLANGIPROP

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  2. What? You just flangipropped the word “flangiprop”. Wow! Lovely concept!
    You gave it a professional touch.
    Wordpress has tactically raised a breed of flangiproppers! 🙂
    We seem to be among the very first set of people to practice flangipropping…
    I love your creativity.
    Have a beautiful day, my dear!

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