REACT…to just another normal morning UNTIL…

The day started off as usual.

You know, if you’ve got children, that IT’S OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE TO FOLLOW ROUTINE or risk a catastrophe…

And the routine goes like this:

5:30 iPhone alarm sounds, I gently touch the SNOOZE ‘button’..

5:45 iPhone alarm sounds, I gently swipe it off…and get up…go downstaris and get some delicious coffee brewing, meanwhile I quickly browse my email till coffee is ready

by now, it’s 6 a.m. I’ve got my cup ready and my son’s as well (because- and this is everyday- he will not open his eyes unless I say that I’ve got his cup of coffee in my hand) so I go back upstairs and wake him up, then wake up my daughter, who by now has heard everything and is checking her FB, I take the breakfast and lunch order (yes, I put on my apron and become a very efficient waitress to my children)…

6:15 I’ve got breakfast and lunch going and the shouting starts: Breakfast’s ready! / I’ll be right there, I can’t put my hair up in a pony tail, I hate my hair/ Mom, can I eat upstairs IN YOU ROOM/ NOOOOOOOO, everything is getting cold, hurry down

6:40 we all run upstairs again, I get ready, I help my son with the last details…

7:10 we’re out the door…wuuuhuuu ON TIME

7:15 we’re in line outside their school and now the recommendations start: have a lovely day, I love you, behave, turn in your science project, read the instructions on your test attentively, ask if you don’t understand something, don’t wait till others raise their hand, sign of the cross: in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit, amen, ONCE, TWICE, then they give me the sign of the cross…now that we’re all blessed, they get out of the car, ON TIME high fives all around

YAY, on time, on track LIFE IS GOOD!!

I continue my drive home. I come to the stop light, sighing with relief and gratitude. I look out my car window:

out the window 1


why? why? why did I look out the window at that exact moment? just when the newspaper guy was walking by (here in Mexico, you can buy your daily newspaper at most stoplights since 5a.m.)

When we lived in Mexico City, this was something I dreaded every morning. Waiting at the stop light and having the newspaper/tabloide guy walk by my car and have my children read/look at the headline/pictures of the night’s horrors in the city and worldwide…

I hurried home, trying to erase those words from my memory and grasping from the cold morning air through a deep breath a sense of cleansing and renewed hope in what the day would bring…


As soon as I got home, I opened all the windows, looked out and appreciated the oasis my garden represents…

Now ,THESE windows I’ll happily look out!

post in response to WORPRESS’ daily prompt: THROUGH THE WINDOW

btw, and on the topic of morning routine, I found this WONDERFUL tutorial with free download…

click on image to go to I CAN TEACH MY CHILD . COM

btw2, featured image from HERE


12 responses to “REACT…to just another normal morning UNTIL…

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  3. Good to know you don’t do that often. But to think that you do it at all…! Smiles! Ofcourse, I know what you would not do. Or so I think. 🙂 Enjoy!

  4. Oh, time I’ve got, 24hrs in each day, to be exact…FREE time, ME time, I’ve got a lot less than that…jajajaaaa unless I go on strike on all the rest of my duties, then I’ve got all the time I want (however, i don’t do that often)

  5. Oh sure! Time to explore creativity is always wonderful time. I had always thought that teachers had the most time in the world. I hope I’m not wrong? Big hug to you too! 🙂

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  7. aaaaajajajaaaa, thank you, thank you Teecee 🙂 and it’s all true! Though, I need to be brave! I can’t limit myself to the walls of my oasis, but the real world scares me… on a lighter note, this PROMPT gig is very cool!! it gives you a great head start, gets the creative juices flowing…I’m soooo glad I had time today to do it 🙂 big hug Teecee

  8. You are amazingly creative, Alexandra! You came up with this for the prompt? Wow!
    Your normal morning has the features of an action film. You play the roles of a waitres, then the transporter, then the priest, then the caring mother… Then you look out the window; the startling headlines that changes the mood. Sorry about that. Back home, some inspiration waits for you, ouside the window. Good one this time. You are an amazing story teller, a wonderful teacher and probably the best mum! Welldone! 🙂

  9. Sweetheart de mi vida, hoy se regresó el compadre a Mexico, asi que tu comment makes me sooo happy! Oh yes, may we all have a blessed day…Hugs a ML, tres belle Sophie, et pour toi aussi Mon Amie

  10. Great post! I’m gonna need you to train me to be a morning person ok? I just can’t master the art of waking up before 6am. Enjoyed reading you (minus the awful newspaper headline) and hope everyone is having a blessed day comadre.

  11. Oh Stu, thank you so much!! I’ve been reading and taking every opportunity i can get…in fact, right now I should be preparing a powerpoint for a tutorial for my fellow teachers, BUT, I QUOTE YOU: i took the opportunity to follow the PROMPT and got to writing a post…aaah it feels so nice to start the day on a happy note (minus the awful headlines) 🙂

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