THINK…when are you most INTELLIGENT?

“Mamàaaaa, que inteligente eres!” (translation: Mom, you are so intelligent!) were my daughter’s words as I remedied an important, thus not fatal, mistake I made while preparing an apple coffee cake… where the recipe asked for half the apples thinly sliced and the other half coarsely grated,  ABSENTMINDEDLY I thinly sliced all the apples… I must have a guardian angel because in my absentmindedness I could have thinly sliced my fingers too… Anyway, doing some quick thinking I first brought out my blender but it smelled like salsa: onion, jalapeno pepper, garlic, etc…it would have ruined my already ailing coffee cake…so, some more quick thinking and I decided to try to grate the thin slices, of course, bad idea unless grated fingertips where to appear suddenly as part of the gruesome recipe…even quicker thinking and plan D came to be: just chop up the thin slices…YES!!! and all this happened in less than 5 minutes (just in time, otherwise I would have given up and cried myself a headache, jejeje)

At the same time, my daughter was trying out her first baking adventure: BROWNIES… I know, not that complicated, specially not from the box, but I wanted her to feel confident in the kitchen, however, she said we had to find a recipe to try and make them from scratch the next time…OOOOOHHH who’s confidence is being put to the test now? hhhmmmm

Of course, her comment stuck with me… QUE INTELIGENTE ERES! hhhmmm, you think? (before making another mistake now thinking about this, I wrote it on a piece of paper and concentrated on the job at hand)…

I had not felt VERY INTELIGENTE, on the contrary, I felt quite dumb, I had just made this same cake for Christmas without a glitch in the midst of preparing several other dishes for lunch that day…anyway, I love that she thinks of me as UNA MAMA INTELIGENTE (an intelligent mom) but I couldn’t help asking the questions:



I honestly have no idea…but the MOIST APPLE COFFEE CAKE turned out delicious and the BROWNIES were a hit with the younger family members…YAY!

hugs people

btw, the featured image is from DIGIBONBONS etsy shop



4 responses to “THINK…when are you most INTELLIGENT?

  1. Hijole, te debo la receta…it’s a family recipe!!! Pero te hago uno cuando quieras con muchísimo gusto 😉 feeling intelligent can be misleading but it’s still very nice to know that your daughter considers you brainy, right?!

  2. Ther’ll be a fresh batch waiting for you! That sounds like a juice I’d like to try besides it’ll help me answer the question: when are you most intelligent? When you drink Dr.Oz’s juice…jejejeeee, te digo, you are my number one cheerleader sister, thank you!! Quiero la receta del jugo 🙂

  3. You’re daughter is right! Both mother and daughter (and son) have the genius gene running through their veins…Me encantó el foquito y la pregunta. Estamos sincronizadas, yo voy a escribir un post de un jugo que “makes you smarter” según el Dr. Oz… All brain power! Pero quiero apple coffee cake y brownies. Save me some!

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