“Ok, the children need some winter clothes and at least a pair of nice shoes to wear for Christmas dinner, I need several things but we’ll take care of that on our next trip, that leaves you CIELO, what do you want? or, what do you need?…is there anything you wish for this Christmas?”

These were my husband’s words a couple of weeks before Christmas…

Is there anything I wish for this Christmas? I could not answer, although I knew quite well what I wished for…

A few weeks ago our ‘family’ plans were very different. I even mentioned a bit on a recent post; my husband was supposed to come back home and get to work on his friend’s upcoming campaign for governor of our state…but everything changed, the friend backed out of the race and my husband had to get plan B, C and D in action (thank God he had other plans, he knows well how politics work and how predictable unpredictability is!)

So, how could I talk about my wish when reality would not cooperate…

How could I tell my husband: I wish our hometown would have a job for you that was worthy of your abilities, experience, honesty and that would fill all your personal expectations, plus give us the chance, as a family, to be together in our NEW old home and have a taste of pseudo-normal life (life with someone in politics is never normal until you get used to it and it becomes ‘the other normal’, though from people’s point of view, it can be the weirdest way to live)

Plan B, C and D all point to Mexico City…with my children and I here and him there, visiting us, as he has been doing since this past August, every other weekend…just that this arrangement was supposed to be TEMPORARY and now its status  has changed to INDEFINITE

And with it many things have changed…for starters my wish for this Christmas…

Now, my wish is for UNFAILING FAITH… as this prayer excerpt says:

unfailing faith

Because this is not what we had planned and only faith will help me be the parent (doing the job of both mom and dad) my children deserve and the wife my husband needs. And (however difficult this might be for us to accept) consider the possibility of EVENTUALLY going back with him.

After spending Christmas and New Year’s day with us, we took the hubby to the airport. We sent him off with all the love, blessings and hopes of hearing good news on the job front this week.

I am so grateful for having a hardworking husband. He was raised to be a provider.

I know that an unproductive man is an unhappy man, dad and husband, so I’ll back him up on whatever he decides to do…

In the midst of this, my daughter had been put by Dad on detective mode to find out what I wanted/needed… they surprised me with a trip to BestBuy where my laptop which was on its deathbed got a much deserved break, I got a new friend!… 🙂

So, 2013 is off and running, we need to get a move on because it won’t wait for us, hear the motors running!!!

hugs people

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10 responses to “THINK…about NEED, WANT, WISH FOR…

  1. Alexandra, thanks for the info! I’ve many friends who has worked, and is working for the Swedish government so I know all about having to leave your job, :). Keep my fingers crossed you don’t have to move, again… Hug Marianne

  2. Thanks so much Alexandra. Anytime you can stop by my blog is appreciated, especially with your busy schedule. Happy 2013 to you too! 🙂

  3. Thank you Karen 🙂 right now we are both keeping our minds busy with our jobs, but every once in a while reality creeps in and gets us all worked up and worried, that’s when we say a quick prayer to remind us that it’s not entirely in our hands so, as they say: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!! btw, I have not been getting updates to some blogs, yours included, so when I have a chance I pop into my wp reader and look you up! big hug happy 2013, I know you’ll make it an enchanting adventure!!

  4. I hope reality begins to cooperate with your wish in the best way possible. In the meantime, your prayer for strength is a very wise way to deal with your situation. Blessings to you and your family in this challenging time, Karen.

  5. Not at all Marianne 🙂 My husband is the director of a government sector that assigns funds to the states to be used specifically for security purposes…now, with the new president came a new party to rule and run every aspect, so this means that the ’employees’ from the past administration have to leave… Love and faith in my husband and in God is what has made me pack twice and move to Mexico City…now, I’ve put our lives in God’s hands and hope this won’t turn into my third move to Mexico City; however,if it is, I need to be strong because my children have a say in this and it won’t be easy for them :/ big hug Marianne…I am working on a HAPPY post to balance things out, jajajaaaa

  6. When I read your post I got a really nice feeling in my heart because it’s so full of love, despite your current problems. You’ll find a solution, I am sure of it. It also made me a bit curious. What does your husband work with in Mexico City? Sorry, I am being a bit nosy… :). Happy New Year! Hugs Marianne

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