THINK…READING to exercise children’s brains or eyes?

…to keep them busy or to keep their imaginations rolling, their creativity soaring?

I’ve been thinking about this…

Why do we want our children to read? and I don’t mean the ability to read, I mean the habit or even the LOVE of reading…

Is it just to get them away from the ever absorbing forces of technology? KIND OF, right?

But, I gather, based on my own reasons and from what I’ve read or talked about at school, that we want for them what we’ve gotten out of the great novel we once read:



We want reading to be an incomparable and unbeatable emotional and learning experience…yes, unbeatable not even by the movies made based on these books…

Now, the question is, what books will give them that experience?

What books will my children get their hands and eyes on and leave them a positive impression?

I recently became aware of the fact that my children have access to a series of books I’m not very fond of because they in no manner represent what I expect from a book in my child’s hands

I bought one of these books some time ago for my daughter who was curious as to all the hype it had generated, she read it in a day and declared that she had no interest in continuing with the rest of the series…OK, I said!!

Then, apparently some of the children in my son’s class had it for reading time and he remembered there was one at home so he started reading it and I read to him before going to bed, which is when I realized what kind of story it was and why my daughter had not enjoyed it that much…

I have no idea what age group the series is intended for, though I feel it’s not the ideal text for children younger than 11…and even then…

So the thing here is that it’s a best seller and it’s getting children to read…right?!

However, we just finished reading the children’s version (shorter version) of Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift, A CLASSIC, with some pictures…and it was such a treat!!! I did not impose the book on my son (6 year-old), he went and got it from our bookshelf…IT WAS ALSO A BEST SELLER once… but, how many of my son’s classmates, or for that matter, children under 13 have given it a chance?

I feel that we have come to accept that in this NEED (or TREND :/ ) to get our children to read, they are reading books that leave little knowledge or culture…

My hypothesis is that we don’t invest as much time in finding THE RIGHT BOOK for our child as we do finding them the right birthday present or the right costume…

MOM, DAD, do your research…

Visit your favorite publisher’s site and do some research, find a book and then buy it on Amazon for a fraction of the price… (because it is a costly habit, though very much worth it!)

Scholastic, Penguin, Golden Books at Random House, Chronicle…are just some that come to mind, of course, there are  many more publishers dedicated to children’s literature (for more options visit CHILDRENSLIT.COM  )

I follow this wonderful blog titled DELIGHTFUL CHILDREN’S BOOKS where you can find Amy (the blog author) and her extensive work and insight on the best books by ages, subjects, genre…

Here’s a link to CHILDREN’S CLASSICS on Amazon organized by AGE

Another GREAT link to THE CHILDREN’S LITERATURE WEB GUIDE hosted by the University of Calgary organized by AUTHOR

Take advantage of your child’s impressionable age and pay attention to how you start their habit and love of reading, I sure am, believe me, I practice what I preach

hugs people!!

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2 responses to “THINK…READING to exercise children’s brains or eyes?

  1. Thank you so much! I appreciate you encouraging parents to research the message books are sending kids. While literacy experts rightly encourage parents and teachers to let kids choose their own books and read anything that attracts their attention (magazines, comics, etc. as well as books), books help teach kids. Just as parents and teachers monitor which TV shows and movies kids read, I think we should monitor which books kids read. There are plenty of wonderful books that kids will get excited about that do not expose kids to negative messages.

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