REACT…surprise me….or maybe not :/

I had always considered the phrase


to be one of my favorites, but today I don’t feel that open to surprises…


via NPR

Today marks the end of Presidente Calderon’s  presidency and the beginning of the new term with Peña Nieto as President…

It’s Inauguration Day in Mexico, and new President Enrique Pena Nieto inherits a country with a mixed record.

Most of Mexico is embroiled in a deadly drug war that has claimed the lives of as many as 50,000 people, but Pena Nieto is also taking over an economy that is doing surprisingly well — thanks to the outgoing head of state, many say. via NPR

I can’t help, like so many other people, but breathe in deeply and honestly hope for the best for our country, that diamond in the rough that we have not taken the time to acknowledge, much less polish to bring out and show the world how bright it can shine…

Today I’m not up for surprises, I want reassurance FOR A SAFE AND PROSPEROUS FUTURE

As soon as the transition is completed,

my husband returns home,

that’s the good news out of all this!!

Although, the political uncertainty continues…because my husband, though not in the president’s team anymore, will now be devoted  to backing up and supporting his friend and  aspiring pre-precandidate for the state governor’s seat…

Yesterday I heard a very short report on NPR about the new President and let me tell you, I did not like how he was depicted, however, that is how he is socially viewed: the handsome young president married to a soap opera star…How I wish the reporter had said THE PROMISING YOUNG PRESIDENT WHO WILL BRING NEW HOPE AND PROGRESSIVE PLANS FOR THIS COUNTRY…

Well, promising he is, in that he has made several PIE CRUST (I think) promises…

Nieto’s Promise

Unlike Calderon’s strategy of eliminating narcotics kingpins, Pena Nieto has promised to combat the crime associated with the drug war: the murders, extortion and kidnapping. He’s also proposed to build a new anti-drug force under the resurrected Interior Ministry and says he will cut the murder rate in half by the end of his administration.

via NPR

This decision and form of action will forever ‘haunt’ President Calderon and will be considered his only legacy…Many of us see this as unfair. He decided to go for the root of the problem and knew what the immediate consequences would be -the collateral damage- but saw no other way to finally rock and bring down the drug cartels. Sadly that collateral damage was seen in many ‘innocent’ people caught in the cross fire…And now, the kingpins, those still alive or not in jail, will be left alone and the new president will COMBAT the crime associated with this…

To me it’s like FUMIGATING the inside of your home and thinking that now your family is safe from all the bugs in your garden…Yeah, how long?! Oh, right 6 YEARS…

I’m sorry for this overwhelmingly negative tone…I know I need to be grateful, keep doing what I do best and pray, just pray for the President…

God help us and please show him and his collaborators the way to a BRIGHTER future for all the people who work their butts off everyday and never see the fruits of their effort.

What’s In Store For Mexico And Its New President?

Weekend Edition host Scott Simon speaks with Jorge Castaneda, an author and commentator who served as Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs from 2000 to 2003, about incoming president Enrique Pena Nieto. via NPR

Jorge Castañeda, I hope you are right!

and let me reconsider my initial feelings and say:


hugs people

4 responses to “REACT…surprise me….or maybe not :/

  1. Thank you for your lovely wishes for our future…we do need to send these people our best vibe and keep giving life our all, it’s a team effort, the government won’t make miracles happen on their own…each of us is responsible for the little or big miracles that happen at home; though, as you say, itis important to EXPECT and not just CONFORM with whatever happens…thanks for reading me and leaving your words of encouragement!! 🙂

  2. Let us keep hope alive and keep expecting the best.
    You have a heart that reaches out and hopes for the best for everyone; that’s beautiful.
    Better days lie ahead and we will definitely enjoy them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you Karen 🙂 I know this is the kind of news that gets the most air time…but as I once read: only extraordinary happenings get on the news, the day we stop reading/hearing about them that’ll mean they’re common happenings…let’s pray that day never happens!! big hug to you friend!!

  4. Alexandra, I worry about the violence in Mexico, and you because of what seems like very dangerous times there.
    Of course,Chicago also had problems with increasing violence this year. I live in a suburb of Chicago, which fortunately has seen crime decrease significantly over the last decade, which is a blessing for us, but it makes me sad to see reports of so much violence anywhere.
    I hope that Mexico’s new president carries you all of your country into an even brighter, more peaceful future, and that you are surprised in a good way! Blessings, Karen

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