REACT…to being the new mom in the group


Yesterday, in reply to my son’s petition for having two (he asked for 5, jajajaaaaa!) of his friends from school over for a play date, I stopped by an unknown (at least to me) family’s home and introduced myself…

(a spammer told me that I don’t connect the dots in my writing correctly, so take my hand and walk with me through this post!)

Long ago, in a land far, far away…

OK, not that long ago and it happened here, in my home town…I strolled through life without the need to introduce myself to anyone, not because everyone knew my name (yeah, I kind of quoted Cheers’ theme song right there…) but because, and this’ll be in chronological order: most people knew my grandparents and my parents, then most young people knew my sister, after that EVERYONE my age knows my husband…jajajaaa…so I STROLLED THROUGH LIFE being so and so’s grand-daughter, then so and so’s daughter, then my sister’s sister, then my husband’s wife…in other words, I had no need for a name, plus the fact that ANONYMITY has always been my personal indulgence…

I’m not sure what happened first, A) that I realized people knew me based on whom I was related to…or B) that I like anonymity…anywayyyyy

continuing in my chronological narration, NOW I can no longer stroll through life anonimously because of my children, they need a mother to be front and present…

So there I stood, front and present at these people’s  front door…feeling so self-aware and trying my hardest for it not to be noticeable that I had no idea how to go about this, I didn’t even prepare what I was going to say…I couldn’t very well just blurt out my name to whoever opened the door, I breathed deep and repeated my self-empowering MANTRA: MIND OVER MATTER…ding doooong

What happened after that, I don’t remember or I don’t want to remember because of this horrendous self-doubt… Although I must have said something right because the Mom immediately gave her son permission to come over for a play/movie date for this coming Friday…

Whew…I hoped for the best but expected the worse, honestly…I kept repeating to myself: remember, they don’t know you, why would they trust you with their child?

So here’s another NEW experience in my life: taking three little boys and two pre-teens to the movies…oh yeah, there’s another boy…I called his mom, already feeling a bit more courageous and with a fabulous you-can-do-it attitude, she also gave him permission pending on a health issue that’s evolving at home…

I know, how is it possible that I can feel weary about dealing with these children (mine included) and feel totally at ease among 45 teenagers talking about what teenagers talk, oh and teaching them! 🙂

The pre-teens are my daughter and a friend who’ll both be rolling their eyes at the boys! such is life…

I’m still feeling courageous…though, children do intimidate me or is it the fact that they might have Mother Hens at home…hhhmmm!


we’ll have a great time, however, please WISH ME LUCK!!

btw, did I connect all the dots?

hugs people!!

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