REACT…what’s the weather like in your part of the blogoshere?


…over here…sunny with a chance of SPAM (yes, I played around a bit with the title of the book made into a movie)

and let me tell you it’s been hitting A.R.T. hard, as I now know SPAM hits all blogs throughout their life. Just that when you are new at this, well IT CAN MESS WITH YOUR BRAIN

The back story, all bloggers know, but if you are not the proud owner of a blog it goes something like this…VIOLINS, please!

A year ago, when I started writing A.R.T. of course I could hear the crickets in the background because of the absolute silence, NOT ONE COMMENT (not that I get a zillion now..) until suddenly one fine day I got 5 and they all said nice things, however, I HAD TO RESCUE THEM FROM THE SPAM BIN… no problem, I thought, it must be because they have other links in them…or because, their comments are full of misspelled words, it’s probably a translation from a lovely soul that barely speaks English and is trying his best to leave a comment…OR maybe this person speaks no English but can read and used an online translator that went about it textually and now nothing makes sense, aaawww poor dear, thank you anyway…

But then it happened again, and now from sites that I don’t care to mention (but you have an idea what I’m talking about) and the same, identical comment, with the same misspelled words…HHHMMM! this smells fishy or SPAMMY

SIDENOTE…I honestly feel sorry for the company that makes SPAM the ingestible type, I have never tried it but seeing how it is linked to dislikable stuff, I can’t say I’d like to taste…although I do wonder what came first, the SPAM you eat or the SPAM you read


When the SPAMMY smell got me thinking I STOPPED ANSWERING BACK… yeah I know, stupid poor newbie blogger me… ME NOVATEARON BIEN KBRON…I sweetly and politely answered the BOT generated SPAM….JAJAJAAAAA, it’s good to be able to laugh at ones naiveness!

So I stopped and SPAM stopped for a while…so again I heard the crickets in the background but now I loved their chime, it’s much better that SHAME at knowing I TALKED WITH BOTS AND EMBRACED SPAM letting it get all over my shiny new blog…

Until recently…aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…it was back! and you want to know the worse part of all…I FELL FOR IT, my goodness I fell for it again until the bots made the mistake of repeating comments…jajaaaa, THEY MADE THE MISTAKE!

I started looking for answers, I could not accept that these NICE comments were bot generated, how did they know that I’d be happy to read stuff like:


I decided to click on over to the wordpress forum to see what they had to say and I sent the question off into the wordpress part of the blogosphere AND THIS IS WHAT MARK FROM AKISMET SUPPORT ANSWERED (bless his spam fighting heart!)

jajajaaaaa…BE SKEPTICAL and may I add TRUST AKISMET!

this sounds like a paid advertisement, well not that much, but at least an endorsement and in a way it is…AKISMET has been here from the beginning ant it can smell SPAM like no one’s business

So know, I’m slowly going through all my posts SPAMMING THE UNSPAMMED comments and SENDING TO THE TRASH  MY POLITE REPLIES as well as SLOWLY STARTING TO FEEL LESS FOOLISH of my past (last week’s) naiveness and overwhelming need for comments…

sheesh, there I said it and you read it and I hope you laughed along with me and NOT AT ME 🙂


2 responses to “REACT…what’s the weather like in your part of the blogoshere?

  1. Akismet sure does a good job. You’ve got such a nice heart that responds to… 🙂
    I’ve had my moments of falling for spam too but these days, I just trust Akismet. I only unspam when I recognize a wordpress blog that got accidentaly filtered off.
    I still read through my spam comments from time to time. They make me smile. Some look real and relevant to my posts but as long as they don’t match Akismet’s requirements and have not been affiliated with me previously in some way, I wish them well in my heart, but leave them there.
    That’s part of the fun of blogging.

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