REACT…to being nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD!

How about that?! are you as surprised as I still am?

OK, I know, many questions are popping in your brain: WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? HOW? (f.y.i. these are called THE JOURNALIST QUESTIONS)

So WHO nominated me? Well, you might already know her, she has a very much loved blog titled MENTAL COACHING AB 365 DAYS, her name is Marianne Pettersson. She writes the most thought provoking, perfectly dosed bits of information to set you on the right track! On some posts she’ll offer the reader a question to ponder and in others she’ll give you no-fail guidance toward achieving a specific personal growth goal…Yes, she’s all that and more…

Now let’s go on to the WHAT…what is the LIEBSTER AWARD? I had not heard of it before, you know I’m a newbie to the blogoshere…First of all, let me tell you that LIEBSTER means favorite in German…so this is THE FAVORITE BLOG AWARD!


And this award is given to newbie blogs, like mine that are still in the growing stage and have less than 200 followers…THAT’S US, A.R.T.!

WHERE and WHEN did this happen? I got the news through a message from Marianne this last weekend, I think I was at the airport returning from a flash trip to Mexico City…

HOW? now this is the magical part because I have no clue, I am just very grateful to Marianne for following my blog and thinking about it when it came time to pass the award…


and now, as part of the acceptance ceremony I need to say something about me THAT I HAVE NOT SAID BEFORE…thinking, thinking…

I think I’ve never talked about why I write in English and not in my native language which is Spanish…I have never been able to pinpoint the reason I do this. I have played around with several possibilities to explain it:

for starters, English is a much less complicated language than Spanish, at least for me it is…

even though you might get all tangled up in my wording, believe me it would probably be worse if I wrote in Spanish, I feel I get to the point faster in English…jajajajaaa REALLYYYYYY?!

My blog wasn’t necessarily intended to be read by anyone I knew, except my sister-friend, but she’s bilingual also…it was meant to be my anonymous cathartic therapy until I suddenly posted my paintings and I then there was no option but to add my name!

I write in English to shield myself from many things, which is also why I don’t share my blog on any social networks. I’ve let it grow on its own, letting it be found by mere chance (from the reader’s perspective) and by LUCK (from mine).


And now, DRUM ROLL please! to continue the LIEBSTER’s voyage, I want to nominate my favorite blogs, those that get me thinking, that guide me- like 365days does!-, that feed my brain, that challenge my conventional ways, that awaken my true spirit:

~ LIFE IN SPANGLISH authored by my sister-friend, my soul-sister, my number one cheerleader, a REAL, down-to-earth inspiring woman

~ I can’t nominate you back Marianne, but if this were a post about my favorite blogs yours would be one of them

~ WRITING YOUR DESTINY, by Karen Wan, lovely lady, lovely writings, so inspired and inspiring always!

~ the CHANGEYOURLIFE blog, by Stu, the up and coming best selling author, great company in the blogosphere and incredible guide in this complicated world…

~ WISE COUNSEL, by Nnamonu Tochukwu, with its rhyming posts full of sentiment and insight…magical!!

a big applause for the nominees and for Marianne!

These blogs accompany me on an almost daily basis, they make me start my day on the right foot and with the ideal attitude!

Please click on over and experience them for yourself!!

Hugs people!!



13 responses to “REACT…to being nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD!

  1. Alexandra, thank you so much for your kind words – you’re such a positive human being! Lulu and I’ve been working side by side all day, :). We’re 12 hours ahead of Europe, which means it’s time for me to stop working and start cooking dinner… I wonder what the time is in America…

  2. Love you back sister!! Tu también te lo mereces, por tener un blog original como tu…y sé que es el favorito de muchos asi que ahi tienes el premio que lo dice por todos…keep blogging my sister-friend/comadre!! read you soon! yaaayyyyy

  3. OMG!! This is so cool! Gracias Gracias Gracias…to be in tune with Thanksgiving Day and with your love and friendship. So nice to know we have an international community here. Your award is well deserved my dear comadre, and I accept it proudly as well coming from you. Mucahs gracais. Love you!

  4. Thank you Marianne, what can I say?! I do my best :)! jejejeeee…and you inspire me, I read your posts and something starts stirring in my mind, i question myself and if my discovery is worth sharing , I write it, if not I work on it privately…but most of all I’ve got my eyes and ears wide open taking in and reacting to the things that impact me or that I want to understand…I think I think too much and few people are willing to listen to me theorize about stuff, so I write! And thankfully intelligent people like you read me! Big hug Marianne! Enjoy your visit to Fiji and the lovely Lulu’s company!!

  5. Alexandra, your blog is brilliant! It’s funny, well written, creative and full of love – I just love it! Your kind words about my blog makes me so happy I am doing a bit of tap dancing right now, seriously! Amiga, I am looking forward to many more discussions, :). Thanks again for your positive feedback and kind words! Hugs from Fiji 🙂

  6. My dear Karen, I’ve noticed your absence, but I have been a bit absent myself from blogging and I miss it terribly…however, it is very heartwarming to know that there are people out there, individuals who we don’t even know personally that appreciate us and best of all they let us know with these lovely gifts! Our lives have shifted and the dust is still settling around us, I am very hopeful that I’ll find my north again and with it my much needed blogging time! Many blessings to you too and, please know that all of us, your fans, are waiting patiently for your next post! Big hug, Alexandra

  7. Congratulations and thank you for your kind words. I’ve been a bit on hiatus this fall with my blogging. With this award, you remind that I I need to get back to it.
    Hope you are doing well, and look forward to keeping in touch and hearing all about your latest news and words of wisdom.
    Many blessings!

  8. I’ve been told that in English it should be HAHAHA, but when I laugh I laugh hard so the J sound is more my style…jajajaaa…Thank you Z! But I think I’m more popular with spammers than anywhere else :/ jajaaaa, read you soon!

  9. what a great and fun post! i especially enjoyed seeing the comforting spealling of ‘jajajajaja’ because when i catch myself typing that to a non=spanish=speaking person, i realize they’ll read it with a different enunciation!
    congratulations on your popularity!

  10. Now that you mention it Stu, I think I started following at least one of them from your blog posts where you posted links to your favorite blogs! It’s been a bit hard to ‘keep up the great blogging’ with all the changes my family and I have been through recently, and it is just now, when blogging has been limited that I realized HOW MUCH I enjoy it and even NEED IT!! Thank you Stu, always ready with encouraging words, big hug

  11. Well I’m totally surprised and honoured – thank you so much! I’m in great company with the above mentioned blogs ALL of which I follow. Thank you, thank you, thank you – and keep up the great blogging yourself. The inspiration is reciprocal. 🙂

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