THINK… about finding the [ideal] moment to write

Hi lovely readers, yes, I’m still here!! My goodness how life gets in the way…

Oh how I’ve missed writing…

This is so hard to put into words without hurting anyone’s feelings and still being true to my own…

Anyone who writes can understand where I’m coming from… to suddenly not be able to go to your computer, log into your blog and vent is AWFUL, it’s frustrating…

for example, right as this moment, I thought I had the ideal circumstances to write this post until my children came into the family room where I had finally sat and turned on the computer, so now I have to gather my stuff: laptop, iphone, phone, books…and go find a place to write until they find me again and I, very politely, trying not to hurt feelings, pick up and move…

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post Featured Image

Today I was asked by my school’s vice-principal if there was something wrong with me, and the principal said, in a very definite tone, YOU’RE NOT HERE YET, you’re still back in Mexico City…

It has resonated in my mind all day long…I wanted to say, “but I’m not in Mexico City either…I am feeling a bit lost…”

I feel like I don’t fit in and am doing little to fix this. I’d like to feel free to say I MISS MY BLOGGING TIME and have a kind voice reply I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN…

In this past week I’ve wanted to sit and write about the USA elections and how different they are from my country’s voting mechanism…and also vent my SURPRISE at being 40  and just finding out about this, jajajajaaaa WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I did not know that in the USA you can vote by mail, did you know that? or that there are several days before THE DAY when you can vote in advance… that in the US they have two kinds of votes and the candidate could win through one type and lose through the other, something like that…or how about the fact that they’ve got different ballots for each state, ja, who knew?!

Hey, and there are also important cases of fraud in the elections, now that’s something we have in common, VIVA EL FRAUDE ELECTORAL, sheesh!!!

but what has suprised me the most is HOW RELIEVED I FELT WHEN OBAMA WON AGAIN…excuse me Miss Thing, what does this have to do with you, hhhmmmm?! jajajaaaa it has nothing to do with me and I know little about politics but I do think that 4 years is too little time to achieve any real changes just like I think that 6 years (length of the presidential term here in Mexico) isn’t enough to see much change but just the right time for politicians to get rich and the perfect time to leave us all trembling at the idea of who’s the next s.o.b. to come and fill his pockets…

Oh and Sandy, after all the destruction I bet some people wanted to call her SANDRA and leave the nickname out in the gushing rain…I know, the NHC, that is National Hurricane Center based in Miami, Florida is where they name them…

after watching NYC being destroyed over and over again in the movies, we felt NYC was indestructable, at least I did! and now, NYC and so many of the neighboring counties in a caotic situation: rationalizing fuel, food, clothes…all of us who know about the american way of life from TV shows and movies can hardly believe this is happening to them, leave the ongoing devastation, the undeliverable goods to us the cities of the developing world, not the USA and specially not NYC…

As to what has happened in my country, I HAVE NO IDEA! NPR doesn’t inform me of my nation’s news, unless it has to do with drug cartels or trafficking of arms (the kind they shoot each other with…not the ones you put inside a sweater that are attached to your shoulder, jajajaaa, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it)

HOWEVER, I can share with you some images of the ALTAR DE DIA DE MUERTOS that the students put up at school…

ALTAR in honor of a student’s great-grandfather

ALTAR in honor of James Dean

ALTAR in honor of Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong’s ALTAR was supposed to be in space and these are his footsteps on the Moon’s surface…don’t you just love it!

And then the CALAVERAS we made in my CREATIVITY WORKSHOP out of papier machè…

mine’s the first one on the left… hurray for being creative!! lovely guys and gals!!

Well people, hope you are still there because I’m still here patiently(not) waiting for my chance to vent BLOG!!

Check back to take a look at my CREATIVITY WORKSHOP projects,

I’m so lucky to have these very creative teens working with me!!



4 responses to “THINK… about finding the [ideal] moment to write

  1. Hi soul sister-friend!!! I miss you too, sweetheart…I’m very blessed to have started off on a perfect note with my creativity workshop…I have incredible students!! Mexico City does get into your dna :/, btw, tienes que venir por que esta kbron que yo vaya…muuuuuuucho de que hablar chulaaaaaa…xoxo

  2. Hola again! Also catching up on the blog, I miss you. Time flies! Hey you and I need to have a current events club like in the 4th grade. So much going on in the news, it’s hard to keep up. Oye, estan padrisimos los altares, the kids are very talented and creative. Glad they’re not only focusing on the Halloween bit. As for Mexico City, it’s weird how it becomes a part of you. And I haven’t been there in 2 years now, but it still makes the rounds in my mind. One never really leaves that place….who knew?

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