ACT…without a clue (+UPDATE)

What am I doing wrong?

Am I not assertive enough?

Do I seem like a total flake?

Do my words have any weight or value?

Do people think I’m naïve and just plain stupid?

Do my intentions seem capricious and self-serving?

all this self-doubt is very unappealing, I know!

but I am honestly…

what brought all this on?

well something quite common and even dumb: two PLAGIARIZED essays

really, plagiarism brought to me by my students (plus some other STUFF from PEOPLE that I won’t write about here…AT LEAST NOT TODAY) has made me question myself, the way I am seen and interpreted and the value of my ultimate goal or even the goal itself…

should I not want THAT MUCH for my students to excel?

Am I expecting to much from them?

Is taking this, all of this- the plagiarism, my courses, their achievement- PERSONAL, the wrong way to go?

OMG! YES, YES and I HAVE NO CLUE…I don’t know any other way of doing it

I need to rethink my strategy…

…and have a chat with the principal about sanctioning cases of plagiarism

thanks for putting up with my rant, hugs people


WELL, I’m glad I got all rattled up about this and that I took it personally…

I got to class and spoke my mind, of course not before asking them if they knew what PLAGIARISM is…

several of my students answered: plagiarism is when you copy someone’s work…

Yes, but what else…silence

suddenly a girl said: and pass it off as your own words…

and another person added: yes, it’s to take credit for someone else’s work…


then I started: it’s a felony, it’s unethical, it’s dishonest and disrespectful to the original author, who might not even know about this…but it’s apecially disrespectful to your reader, that in this case that reader is ME, however, I’ll accept part of the responsibility, a little, itty, bitty part.

I admit that I didn’t talk to you about PLAGIARISM when we started our first writing assignment,

believe me I’ll never again fall into the supposition that my writing workshop students know that plagiarism is a NO-NO

OK, imagine this:

You go shopping, you can only spend your allowance, you pick a few outfits, go to the checkout counter and find that you can’t take everything, will you steal the stuff that you couldn’t afford?


because stealing is bad!!!

When the class ended I bumped into some fellow teachers and we got to chatting about this.

They’ve also had this situation and we agreed to uniform our strategy…

we don’t want this to become a way of life despite it shamefully being a common attitude in our beloved country

this is not the end of this but I’m glad it happened…

some lessons are learned the hard way:


LESSON 1. PLAGIARISM and how to avoid it!

btw, a fellow blogger, Stu, posed this question for me: Why does plagiarism happen?

I asked the perps (jeje) and they all said: LACK OF INSPIRATION

I’ll just leave it at that 🙂

hugs lovely people

6 responses to “ACT…without a clue (+UPDATE)

  1. You are always welcome, Alexandria. The things we decide to ignore often grow worse and create terrible reparcausions. It is good to keep up with teaching good values. It pays to do the tight thing and to teach it too. Welldone!

  2. I agree, though they tried to make it my fault (teenagers, you know how they are, shying away from responsability) it became clear to them that they would pay dearly for this if it became a habit…thank you for reading my blog!

  3. Plagiarism is simply telling lies. Denying facts, even when the evidence is glarring. The paths of least resistence may seem to produce results on the surface, but ultimately, it is not just unproductive but detrimental. It should be rooted out early, because it grows. Lovely subject! Thanks for sparking up my day! 🙂

  4. Why do students plagiarize? Because they just wanted to get the assignment done…they wanted to make the deadline…la ley del minimo esfuerzo, that is: the law of the least effort…they thought they were being so astute in taking the “shortcut”…and maybe because I didn’t take a moment to talk about plagiarism’s ugly face…the thing is that to me, people plagiarize because they are LAZY and, may I say, a whole lot naive to think that they won’t be caught….so, today the topic will be PLAGIARISM: what it is, how to avoid it and the punishment that awaits if you don’t… What do you recommend Stu? :/

  5. A question often overlooked when people do anti social things (plagiarism) is ‘why’. Why do some students plagiarize? When we look at the cause of something rather than treat the symptoms of it we get closer to eradicating that behaviour. What do you think?

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